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8mm Titanium Rings

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Titanium is known for being one of the strongest but lightest metals in the world. Few people know that it also has one of the highest melting points. Because it is highly resistant to corrosion and fatigue, titanium is often used in the manufacture of advanced aircraft, with the most famous being the SR-71 Blackbird.

In fact, the metal was named for the virtually indestructible gods of Greek mythology, the Titans.

Titanium's metallic white luster is its natural color.  White gold is actually plated gold and will lose its white coating over time. On the other hand, a titanium ring will retain its color forever. It is also more resistant to scratching because it is considerably harder than gold.

These characteristics and history make titanium the ideal choice for men’s rings and other jewelry.

Why Titanium?

Men generally prefer a wider wedding bands than women. An 8 mm is ideal because it is broad enough to be distinctly male while narrow enough not to encumber you. The color of the titanium can range from simple white (silver) to black.  However, titanium does not need to be alloyed with other metals to produce these colors.

Our 8 mm titanium rings for men feature a variety of eye-catching design elements. One of the most popular is the iridescent abalone pearl inlay, which creates a spectacular play of a spectrum of colors in any light. The other very popular element is wood, and we have a number of different designs for inlays, including:

  • Hawaiian koa wood;
  • Rose wood;
  • A domed wood design.

Your Unique Titanium Ring

Despite how special a titanium ring is in itself, you can make it even more so by including a laser engraved message or initials onto it. At LA Laser Engraving in Los Angeles, we provide complimentary laser engraving on the inside or the outside of your ring.

Let us make your 8 mm titanium ring a true part of you.