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Tungsten carbide rings

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Not very long ago, tungsten carbide rings were virtually unheard of and the wedding ring arena was dominated almost exclusively by traditional metals like gold, platinum and, to a lesser extent, silver. However, the world’s increasingly sophisticated sense of style, coupled with a growing desire to break from old-fashioned perceptions of acceptability created the perfect setting for tungsten rings to make their mark.

Tungsten Carbide Rings

Today, the black carbide hues of basic tungsten rings that are the antithesis to the glitzy sheen of precious metals find widespread appeal. Tungsten wedding rings are available in both men’s and women’s versions.

By no means are tungsten carbide rings exclusively black or dull, though. They can be given a diverse variety of finishes and textures, either through plating or via inlays. In fact, due to this versatility of appearance, our range of tungsten carbide rings is wider than that of most of our other rings.

Popular Designs

Among the designs that have proven the most popular are:

  • Brushed black tungsten .
  • Polished black tungsten.
  • Blue tungsten carbide.
  • Gold plated tungsten carbide.
  • Brilliant silver.
  • Dual-toned bands.
  • Bands with wooden inlays.
  • Celtic patterns.
  • Wide bands (9 mm).

One of the most versatile ways of infusing our tungsten rings with color and style are inlays. At LA Laser Engraving of Los Angeles, we use wooden inlays and carbon fiber inlays.

Wooden inlays give rings a very rustic and sophisticated look with their grained patterns. On the other hand, carbon fiber is available in a virtually limitless array of modern designs and colors, usually favored by younger clients.

Red, white, black and blue motifs can be combined to suit any taste. We have expanded our Celtic motif range to cater to the unprecedented demand.

No matter which one you choose to buy, our complimentary engraving service means you will always pay the same low price.