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Carbon Fiber Inlay Tungsten Rings

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Tungsten rings have seen an exponential increase in popularity as more people discover their wonderful properties and versatile range of finishes. While they are commonly known simply as tungsten rings, these bands are actually made of tungsten carbide, a compound of tungsten and carbon.

This combination creates a wonderful material which retains tungsten’s desirable properties of

  • substantial weight;
  • extreme hardness;
  • high resistance to heat and pressure.

while reducing the brittleness which is characteristic of tungsten in its raw form.

Beautiful Inlays

The range of colors in which tungsten carbide rings are available is complemented by designs that incorporate inlays into the band. These inlays may be either narrow or wide; there may be a single inlay or two in parallel; and they can be constructed of various materials, with the most common being carbon fiber.

A large part of the appeal of inlays is the beautiful contrast of colors that they create. A brilliant blue inlay set between the gleaming silver of polished tungsten, or between yellow or rose gold plating, or matte black tungsten creates a visually stunning sight.

Inlays themselves do not have to be a single color or shade. In fact, the most popular ones have patterns of checks.  These patterns themselves are a combination of several colors and create a three-dimensional effect.

For even more variety, our men’s wedding bands with inlays come in various designs that include domed outer surfaces and comfort fit inner ones, beveled edges and straight edges.

Laser Engraved Personalization

Your wedding band with an inlay is a sight to behold for its beauty and a pleasure to wear for its fine finish. Many people like them for their weight, which is substantially more than that of a lead and only slightly less than that of gold. For the ultimate in personalization, though, have your tungsten ring laser engraved by LA Laser Engraving of Los Angeles.