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Yellow Tungsten Wedding Rings

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Wolfram. That name which burns with such intense but quiet power is the one by which tungsten was commonly known when it was discovered.

One of the densest (heaviest) and hardest metals Man has discovered, and the one with the highest melting point, it has been used in various high-intensity and high-pressure industrial fields like:

  • nuclear research;
  • weapons and ammunition;
  • space exploration.

However, tungsten is also brittle and shatters when subjected to relatively low force. It is chiefly for this reason that it is combined with carbon to form tungsten carbide for use in jewelry. It has gained considerable popularity as the material of choice or men’s wedding rings.

While its natural appearance is grayish like that of steel, tungsten carbide wedding rings and bands for men are often plated with yellow gold to create a striking effect.

Yellow Tungsten Rings

A yellow tungsten ring generally is a tungsten carbide ring with yellow gold plating. The tungsten itself may be completely enveloped by the gold or have portions left bare for a dual tone look.

Two of the popular variants are a tungsten brushed center and outside plating, black or red carbon fiber inlays along the circumference of the band. Celtic motifs, especially of a dragon, in tungsten grey amidst gold is also very popular.

We also carry more elaborate finishes like grooved bands and domed bands and comfort fit bands. Our yellow tungsten rings come most often in 6 mm and 8 mm widths, and this is ideal if you want a matching pair of his and hers rings.

Personalizing Yellow Tungsten Rings

LA Laser Engraving in Los Angeles gives you the option of creating a truly unique yellow tungsten ring by having it engraved with a message of your choice. This complimentary service gives every ring a value beyond the ordinary.