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About Our Company

Diversity to impress

We are an American company which trades in high-quality rings all over the world for more than 15 years. Our products are distinguished by not only quality but also exclusive design to appeal to an extremely wide range of customers, beginning with students and bikers, and ending with clerks and housewives. LA Laser Engraving offers rings which will suit people of any age, regardless of situation and environment.

Tandem of quality and design

Being not only sellers but manufacturers as well, we try to produce solely reliable, immensely durable product—and we do cope with this task. Thus, aiming at quality and style, we manage to meet the requirements of even the pickiest customers. Our rings vary in design greatly, so it’s safe to say a client will find exactly what he wants out of a great number of diverse options. Moreover, you can have several rings for different occasions to fit any clothing and style.

Affordable prices

Varying also in price, our product will impress you by its costs as well, there being a variety of manifold variants at quite an affordable price. So you’re sure to find the very ring that will take your fancy and make a great impression on other people, whether they are your family, colleagues or merely passers-by. You can also post a photo with this purchase on Instagram or Facebook for your friends and followers to appreciate it!

Mission Statement

So, our primary aims are:

  • To provide customers with stylish, high-quality rings for their tastes and needs to be entirely satisfied;
  • To offer outstanding convenience, choice and value;
  • To grant conflict-free customization;
  • Warranty and repairs if needed.

It should be noted that among our rings are a great many wedding bands as well as engagement and anniversary rings, which will be a perfect gift for any of the occasions. An elaborately produced ring with soft lines and appealing design can emerge as a true embodiment of love, gladdening your fiancée or spouse.

Also we offer a 10% exclusive discount for active-duty and veteran members of our United States Armed Forces.

Range Choice

Our product is made of a variety of the most durable and fashionable materials. These include:


Known as one of the most reliable and scratch-resistant materials, tungsten carbide does ensure quality and endurance. You are free to choose among a wide array of different colors and finishes to appeal to your taste. Black tungsten wedding bands are a great choice for those who are reluctant to have something convenient and want to stress their individuality.


Thanks to its amazing durability, this hypoallergenic and lightweight material is often called the “eternal metal.” Titanium rings combine refinement and strength, so it’s no surprise they take fancy of both men and women.


If you are looking for a ring to possess outstanding design at an affordable price, this option may appear the best choice for you. Especially popular are black cobalt wedding bands that look particularly remarkable with polished edge. Besides, cobalt is a great option for those who are allergic to gold or silver, for instance.


Being hypoallergenic and extremely durable material, ceramic worthily gained the reputation of one of the fanciest trends in the modern jewelry. Furthermore, ceramic rings are distinguished by a really unisex appeal, so they can emerge as an excellent complement for both men and women. Check out our white ceramic wedding bands with wood inlay which truly reveal modern tendencies coupled with impressive elegance.

There are a number of rings decorated with jewels such as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds. Less expensive options such as moissanites are also available. Among cuts you will find round, oval, princess, marquise, or any other one you like.

Laser Engraving

If you’re anxious for your ring to be really special and even unique, you can resort to free laser engraving. Moreover, you can make your beloved really happy by having some inscription engraved—it could be a date, names, or just some heartwarming words. As a gift, such a ring would be absolutely perfect.

No project is too small or too big for LA Laser Engraving, if you have a project in mind, use the contact us page to inquire and one of our team members will follow up within 24 hours.

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