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Blue Ceramic Rings

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Be it fire or water, a ceramic ring will weather the test and emerge unscathed. The remarkable resilience of a ceramic ring is a testament to the strength of your relationship. Wedding bands made of ceramic are an ultramodern, chic symbol of your loving union.

Ceramic –  From Ancient to Modern

Ceramic has long been used by humans but only recently have alternatives been developed that allow this ancient compound to be eployed in a wider variety of high-intensity industries. Today, ceramic materials are used in space exploration, aeronautical engineering and sophisticated medical equipment.

One of the reasons ceramic rings have gained such widespread popularity in jewelry of late is that they are hypoallergenic. You can gift or don a ceramic ring confident in the knowledge that there will be no allergic reactions from impurities.

Ceramic is also very versatile if you like a touch of color in your otherwise staid jewelry. Some of the most common colors and finishes in which ceramic rings are available are:

  • Black – polished;
  • Matt black;
  • White.

Ceramic Rings with Blue Highlights

Apart from the color of the ceramic itself, these rings are designed with features like carbon fiber inlays that allow for another infusion of exciting color to appeal to your unique taste.

These inlays are created within the band, so they are bordered by the ceramic on either side. In this way, you have a brilliant blue three-dimensional hue in the center and an understated dark ceramic tone to highlight it. The end result is a beautiful, mesmerizing ring that is sure to be noticed wherever you go.

Mark the eternal nature of your relationship with an engraved message that will not fade. LA Laser Engraving of Los Angeles can etch a message of your choice into the inside or the outside of your ceramic wedding band.