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Polished Ceramic Rings

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Ceramic is a wonderfully versatile material, incredibly strong yet exquisitely beautiful when finished.

Polished ceramic rings possess a characteristic gleam that can put precious metals to shame. Moreover, they lend themselves to a very diverse range of designs, and it is very easy to incorporate other features into a polished ceramic ring. Some of the common ones are:

  • Grooves;
  • Patterns;
  • Bevels;
  • Domes;
  • Inlays.

Versatility of Ceramic Rings

Ceramic itself is widely produced in many colors and its appearance may be further enhanced by using one or more of the above designs as accents. This makes for an exciting spectrum of ultramodern and fashionable finishes that are ideal for an engagement ring or wedding band.

Among our most popular variants of the polished ceramic ring are those that are made of black ceramic but have been fitted with a carbon fiber inlay. Good contrast works well in this design, and red carbon fiber creates a dazzling effect. The inlay itself contains a three-dimensional pattern.

Another unique option from our catalog is the white polished ceramic ring. We offer this distinctive band with an inlay of gold. Let the soft brilliance of the ceramic accentuate the subtle sheen of the golden carbon fiber inlay for a perfect blend of class and form.

Ceramic is known to be incredibly affordable and many couples opt to add a touch of bling to their ceramic rings by adding a jewel or precious metal accents. Perhaps a refined pear cut diamond or a dazzling cubic zirconia are to your liking? Or maybe a halo jewel setting and white gold highlights are more to your taste?

Personalize Your Ceramic Ring

Wherever your preferences lie, LA Laser Engraving of Los Angeles has the ideal answer - and the perfect ring - for you both. We will even include a complimentary engraving on the ring, either on the inside or the outside; you can even opt to have a fingerprint engraved onto it.