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Red Ceramic Rings

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For many decades, the jewelry scene was rather predictable and unimaginative. While jewelers did constantly update their designs and create new gemstone cuts, to the majority of clients without a trained eye, the results were rather similar to what had always been available.

A Modern Ring

Recently, however, the jewelry industry has received an infusion of change. New materials, previously not suitable for use in jewelry were molded through newly-discovered technology into compounds that were ideal for the purpose. Ceramic is one of those compounds.

Ceramic jewelry has actually been around for many thousands of years. However, the ceramic of the ancient past pales in comparison to the advanced ceramics that have been developed today. These materials are so highly engineered that they are even used in extreme environments like space, aircraft engines and undersea exploration.

Unequaled Aesthetics

Just because a material is highly advanced does not mean that it has to be limited in an aesthetic sense. The creativity of the jewelry industry is in full bloom when it comes to creating beautiful ceramic wedding bands for men.

Red and black are a very intriguing color combination. Red ceramic rings, where the passion of crimson red meets the stoic resilience of black ceramic are the ideal union of these two colors.

You can find this combination most easily in ceramic rings that have a red carbon fiber inlay. This inlay is dominated by red but also incorporates a repeating pattern that imbues it with a three-dimensional effect. The band may come in several design variants, including:

  • Domed band with round edge;
  • Flat band with beveled edge.

You can also find men’s ceramic rings that incorporate a precious stone, like a diamond, if you wish to splurge. However, you can always add sentimental value to your men’s wedding band using the complimentary engraving service provided by LA Laser Engraving of Los Angeles.