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Black Cobalt Rings

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Cobalt isn’t a name readily associated with jewelry and fashion today. Most of us only hear its name in relation with ‘cobalt blue’, a color commonly used in art. However, it may surprise you that cobalt blue pigment, extracted from naturally-occurring ore, has been used since ancient times to impart a deep blue hue to jewelry.

The cobalt jewelry we use today is quite different – it is created from purer forms of the metal, which is naturally a shiny silver-gray color. However, black cobalt is as popular as any other form of the metal used in jewelry. In fact, black cobalt wedding bands may be preferred by men, compared to the standard silver-gray.

The Versatility of Black Cobalt

Cobalt can be worked and finished to a high polish or to a matt, brushed surface. The black cobalt rings we carry come in several variants, each of which has an appeal all its own:

  • Matt black finish – the dull, rugged finish is favored by many men who prefer a subtle sense of style.
  • Black two-tone – a combination of a matt black surface and polished black edges for a pleasing balance.
  • Black and Silver – the best of both worlds, this design features a matt black surface and shiny silver edges.

Besides solid metal, our men’s rings also come in designs with a carbon fiber inlay. A black or grey inlay works exceeding well against a polished chrome edge.

Best of all, you know that when you wear a black cobalt ring, you have is a durable, scratch resistant and hypoallergenic piece of jewelry on your finger.

Engraved for You

A black cobalt wedding band is a wonderful and unique expression of your union. LA Laser Engraving can make it even more so by adding a personal message onto it for you. This is a complimentary service from us for you.