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Cobalt Carbon Fiber Rings

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Not very long ago, it would have been unimaginable to wear a wedding band made of cobalt. The metal was renowned for its use as a base pigment in paint for millennia but never considered a viable option for precious jewelry.

Over the last few decades, that sentiment has changed considerably. We have discovered that cobalt has numerous inherent properties that make it an ideal candidate for accessories worn every day. Among these are its hypoallergenic credentials and the ability to resist scratches and damage almost as well as diamond.

Countless Design Variations

Although cobalt was initially disproportionately popular as a choice for men’s bands, the versatility in design that the material displays makes it perfect for both men and women. That sentiment is being embraced ever more widely today as cobalt wedding ring sets see unprecedented popularity.

A cobalt carbon fiber ring design incorporates a carbon fiber inlay within a cobalt band. This allows you to break away from the limitations on the color of the metal and express yourself through hues and patterns that more truly represent you as an individual.

There are virtually no limits to the design of the carbon fiber inlay. However, the three that we find attract the most interest are:

  • Silver inlay with wicker pattern;
  • Black inlay with wicker pattern;
  • Black inlay with blue highlights.

All three options are available in cobalt rings of brilliant polished silver.

The Most Important Detail

After you have chosen the perfect ring for you, or the perfect pair for both of you, perhaps you should also consider an engraved message. LA Laser Engraving of Los Angeles provides this as a complimentary service for all our rings.

A matching message or both your initials on both rings will transform a gorgeous accessory into one that is truly unique and personal to you both.