Cobalt Wedding Rings

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Cobalt wedding rings are made with the strongest metal that ensures a high level of durability and an amazing white sheen. Cobalt is a transitional metal and it’s white in nature. Most cobalt rings are created with a mixture of cobalt, tungsten, chromium, carbon, iron and silicone to make it more durable and wearable. Cobalt rings are often confused with titanium but they are a bit lighter and contain the reflective nature of white gold. 

Advantages of Cobalt wedding Rings

  1. Cobalt rings are highly scratch resistant but can be polished up to look new .
  2. They are hypoallergenic because they have zero traces of nickel.
  3. Cobalt is hard, resilient and totally shatterproof; it will not be broken by weight. However the band can be cut in case of an accident.
  4. Unlike other transitional metals, rings made from cobalt are light in weight and comfortable for long wear .This is convenient for wedding events that tend to last the course of the longer part of a day.
  5. All bands are comfort fit but they can be resized to fit within the needs and specifications of the user.
  6. Affordable and costs almost the same as titanium. This means that users across the board can grab themselves a good deal regardless of the size of their budget.
  7. Cobalt chrome rings retain their reflective white sheen no matter how long they have been 

How to Buy Cobalt Wedding Rings

Despite cobalt being incredibly strong, there are people who mix it with lesser metals like nickel and make it weak and allergenic. The price of the ring will most likely tell you if it’s a good quality piece or not. Ensure you do not buy a cobalt ring that has a plate of any kind because these plates will rust eventually and look bad. It’s wise to buy from a reputable dealer who knows all about the metals and the grading.

If you want white reflective bands for your wedding, cobalt is the best choice out there. It’s the most durable material one can find and the white sheen will never fade. Though there are cheaper rings out there, it’s obvious they are hard to maintain and will not serve you as well as cobalt chrome rings would. At LA Laser Engraving, we manufacture the best quality cobalt rings and make them in many designs. Once an order is made, we provide free laser engraving in the mold of your choice and deliver the finished product within a week.