Vintage diamond wedding bands

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Moissanite carat range 1 ct
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Gold Karat
Band width 2 mm.
Ring size 5

In the history of each pair has a few of the highlights that lovers remembered with awe and smile. Marriage proposal - one of the crucial stages, because the engagement means commitment of man and woman become husband and wife. Engagement rings - constant components of such an event. It offers a beautiful gift wrap, red flowers - the main attributes of this unforgettable moment.

Engagement Rings - an ancient tradition

If the girl accepts the offer of her lover to legitimize the relationship, such a day is considered to be engagement. The following actions will be a pair of visits to his parents, preparing for the wedding. Diamond engagement rings are a sign that the couple moved into the status of the bride and groom.

However, in more ancient times, our ancestors, this tradition has been accompanied by specific actions. Duke Maximilian was in love with the beautiful Frenchwoman Mary Burgundy and wanted her to become his, beautiful wife. To express their feelings and show seriousness of purpose, an Austrian nobleman sent a lady luxurious engagement ring with a diamond. It is this gesture has become fundamental in the tradition to present his beloved engagement ring. In the case of the consent of the girl's ring worn on the ring finger, and complemented the wedding day. Some continue to wear two rings on the fingers of the right and left hands after the wedding ceremony.

Engagement rings should certainly be golden, thin and, of course, decorated with beautiful diamonds.

Big diamond engagement rings are relevant at all times. Presents an engagement ring is usually the groom. Bride is preparing embroidered shawls after the consent to marry. Some countries at the time caused a stir another tradition - engagement rings were not only the couple, but their witness. This meant a pledge of this promise before. Sometimes a young man touted his beloved family jewelry as engagement rings. Typically, such, beautiful jewelery passed down through the female line. If the future mother-son approve of the choice, decoration passed his beloved.

How to choose the right engagement rings? Well tell you how.

Men’s have to choose rings for their girlfriends without the presence of their halves. Therefore, it is important to consider some nuances in advance, to avoid awkward moments with the presentation of the product in such a touching moment. Here are several important aspects to buy princes cut engagement rings any city any ware:

The most important thing –is size.  Agree, would look ridiculous if the preparation of the long-awaited "Yes!" You cannot wear a ring on the finger of you beloved because of the wrong size. So before looking for simple engagement rings, be sure to talk with your relatives or friends of your girlfriend. They certainly prompt the necessary parameters for a future purchase. You can also silently take your measurements with a ring girl, which she already has.

Metal out of what product is made, design, color - not less important parameters in choosing engagement rings. It is matter that your gift was combined with decorations that are already your girlfriend own. For example, if she prefers silver and cold shades in clothes, it is better to opt for white gold. Diamond Ring will be kept for life, so it should be beautiful and durable.

The highlight of any engagement rings - diamond. Pay attention to the color and shape of the stone. You can advance to ask the opinion of women with respect to these parameters, considering any other jewels. Perhaps she liked the rounded shape and small size. Or vice versa - she prefers the massive stones and sharp geometric shapes.

Estimated budget for the purchase of square engagement rings in is equal to two monthly salaries of the groom. This tradition has come to us from ancient times. Its purpose - to show how important the, beautiful bride for the man. However, we can and disrupt such a rule, because the true feelings of the above. Therefore, buying, beautiful engagement rings, it is understood that there is nothing more precious than love and engagement ring prices dos not matter, because there are believes that engagement ring should be expensive as love between fiancé and her groom.