Wide diamond wedding bands

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Moissanite carat range 0 ct
Diamond carat range 2.5 ct.
Diamond clarity
Gold Karat
Band width 5 mm.
Ring size 4

Rings with diamonds scattering: a surprising variety of luxury.

In matters of the heart is one small, but such a coveted decoration, like an engagement ring can be worth a thousand words. If you want a special way to express the depth of your feelings towards the beloved, we recommend you pay attention to the model of the rings with loose diamonds of pure water - white gold wedding bands.

It has long been diamonds, which are still the majority of the rings encrusted engagement and betrothal, are symbols of loyalty and strength of the relationship, as well as peculiar charms of family happiness. And what could be better than a women’s white gold wedding bands, generously studded with these wonderful stones?

If you are looking decoration for ladies who appreciate luxury and accustomed to battling on the spot for its elegance, you are unlikely to find a better solution than the white gold wedding bands, studded with diamonds or white and yellow gold wedding bands with diamonds, gold and diamond wedding bands or diamond white gold wedding bands and even plain white gold wedding bands. This type of jewelry pleasing variety of choice, as perhaps no other.

The design of the placer diamond jewelry on the ring is rightfully considered to be the best way to forged products of non-standard forms. Thus, models of this kind of women’s white gold wedding bands are often made in the symbolic tradition of the different cultures of the world. Jewelers have the opportunity to make not only beautiful, but also a complete decoration of meaning for you. Our catalog presents a ring with a scattering of non-standard shapes, and more classical. Here you will also find very extravagant models in the form of a flower, a snake, a crown, or the infinity sign. By the way, the last two options in the jewelry world settled down so firmly that are already considered almost a classic design forms of engagement rings, which dreams of a lot of brides.

Such jewelry never goes out of fashion and will attract the views of others. Rings inlaid small diamond, looks solid and luxurious. Such a gift will say about you as a person loving and caring. Agree, the immortal classic, time-tested - a good option, but pragmatic. The more original model will be an engagement ring that you will present to his beloved, so can more widely demonstrate the meanings attributed to this gesture.

Wedding traditions with history

The exchange of wedding rings - one of the most fascinating cultural traditions. She is beautiful, majestic, and has its roots in the distant past. It is believed that some sort of engagement rings existed in ancient Egypt. However, these decorations were simple and unpretentious, with a diamond ring track is not even dreamed of by our ancestors.

In the XV century iron rings, is considered a symbol of physical and spiritual strength of the groom were distributed, the bride also wore a gold ring, which was a metaphor for purity. Later, the procedure has changed, with dramatically: the man wore a gold ring that symbolized its privileges and power, and a woman was supposed to silver or iron decoration.

Today won equality: the bride and groom can wear a ring of the same metal. Thus they express their endless love and affection for each other. By the way, the diamonds on the engagement ring symbolizes a pure and solid married life.

Trend: ring with diamonds in a row

Design engagement ring can be a variety, strict rules on this subject do not. Such decoration is usually worn without removing so many girls wish it to be not just a smooth gold or silver ring, but something really fashionable and beautiful, original and impressive.

Great trendy design option - ring with diamonds in a row. Such decoration can be very useful suitable bright, stylish and creative girl.

Ring, inlaid with diamonds, often get engagement, but polished rim rings perfectly complement and models of wedding rings. Stones, distributed around the circumference, to create a harmonious uniform composition.

Such rings with one hand, draw attention and look original, and on the other - concise and do not run counter to the traditions of betrothal symbols.

In the catalog of our online store available in many models of rings with diamonds on the rim, and choose among them something that will emphasize the inner world of the bride and your attitude towards it, you will not be difficult.