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What does the ring on her finger means?

Many people like to decorate. They decorate themselves with different gold, diamonds other precious etc. but few people know how they can "open" person, telling about some of the desires, aspirations, fears. They just look at your hands and draw conclusions about what person you are.

First – Preparation.

Before we evaluate characteristics of a person in his jewelry, keep in mind: all thumbs have their value; the same ring on different fingers carries various "signals"; test runs, if the jewelry worn unconsciously, following principle "It is looking good on me this way"; size jewelry speaks of the "signal" importance, the bigger it is, the greater the expression of the trait. And most importantly - this is only a test, do not give him any of the sacred values. As with all tests, it only shows the trends and there is no one hundred percent outer. And yes, showing someone a hand, remove the ring from the little finger – he may understand you wrong.

So let us talk about rings and the fingers.


Unusual place for ring. However, such a situation it is likely indicates of the person who wish to attract attention, emphasizes the desire to show off.


Ring here shows a strong will and activity of his owner or his aspiration to become that kind of man. Look carefully at the image rulers - and you will notice that this finger dictator almost always "underlined" some fanciful product. Be careful with the owner of the "Ring", he or she does not like to neglect and tries rather quickly to defend its right to distribute valuable guidance. If this is a cute smiling girl - make no mistake, it will not stay long in the shade, and humility.

Middle finger

No wonder occupies a central position on the hand, it symbolizes self-respect, self-esteem and sometimes vanity. The ring on this finger shows host-esteem. What is important is that it requires the same from others. Small, elegant decorations remind us that this man knows his worth and wants to be treated accordingly. Large, shiny square cut gold or diamonds rings shout about pride, or signalize of unsatisfied desire to estimate others. And remember, status differences for that person are important.

The Ring-finger

Determine a person's susceptibility, shows his or her feelings. A wedding or engagement rings is not here by accident. While it is in the hand of man shows the importance of their marriage. Ring (not marriage one) on the finger of a man speaks of his hypersensitivity (exaltation, irritability), and don’t let merely a brutal appearance form mislead you.

Women sometimes wear other ring over wedding ring, usually with semiprecious stones bat also square cut engagement rings and square diamond rings are here. This is evidence of the importance of marriage for her, it is amplified and strengthened. Jewelry large work shows that we encountered a very extravagant person. Decoration on the finger of her left hand in our culture doesn’t even " beeps " it is “shouts" that the host or hostess desires to change their matrimonial status.

Ring on little finger

No wonder this finger "walks to the side." It symbolizes the desire of the owner of the ring to deviate from the standard rules. And in the psychological and erotic terms. Man or Women strives for new experiences and sensations. If decorations are traditional (precious stones (diamonds etc.), set in gold or silver ring), this desire for experience without any special tricks and challenges. But some jewelry, or some miracle thing with pretentiousness - is an application for a special and original condition.

Golden ring absent

As the authors of detective novels writes - the lack of evidence in itself is evidence. People do not wear jewelry for different reasons. One of them - the secrecy, lack of confidence and, therefore, the desire to be inconspicuous. Other - high self-esteem, they are confident in themselves and do not need to be trying to surround someone classify. Sometimes it is a manifestation of the position: "Let me be evaluated as human being, only for thoughts and actions."