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How to determine ring size

How to determine ring size The surest way to find out ring size is obvious – for a day, you can discreetly take one of the gold rings off your girl, and then take it to us. We can precisely determine the size of the gold ring; well, you just need to choose the model

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Precious metal guide

The most common alloy of a gold 583rd sample. Alloys of this sample may be of different colors depending on the proportion contained therein of nonferrous metals. For example, if gold alloy 583rd sample (58.3% gold) contained about 36% silver and 5.7% copper alloy acquires a green tint.

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Tungsten Carbide Rings Pros and Cons

Tungsten Carbide Rings Pros and Cons | What is Tungsten? Only a few people know much about tungsten carbide. It is a durable and practical material that is increasingly used to make unique jewelry. It has a number of advantages that make its use rational and beneficial. The audience of those who prefer tungsten carbide jewelry over

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