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How to determine ring size

How to determine ring size

The surest way to find out ring size is obvious – for a day, you can discreetly take one of the gold rings off your girl, and then take it to us. We can precisely determine the size of the gold ring; well, you just need to choose the model of the ring. It can be easier to do: take the wedding ring, paper, and pen, and circle on the inner contour of the ring. Or, take a sheet of paper into a tube, stick one in the ring and make sure the paper adheres to the metal, paper tube fix with tape or glue. In this circuit, we can determine the size and choose the right ring for your woman.

To help find out the size of the white gold wedding band for your favorite girlfriend, you might take one of the rings from your girlfriend’s collection, but it’s better to make sure in advance that the one you choose for the “secret mission” is one you’ll be able to keep a secret even if she starts looking for it.

If the previous dos don’t suit you because of the possibility of being caught, then there is a simpler but not less efficient method called fitting. Take the ring and try on it on yourself, wear a ring on your finger as deep as possible and mark a place (with a pen for example), or simply remember the place and finger. Then you will ask us or any other expert to measure your finger on the marked place and minutes after, here you go… you will know your woman’s ring size.

Methods for determining the size of the tables

You can determine the size of the ring by using the tables that you might find in jewelry stores all over the US. With it, you’ll get an exact match of real size images.

Tips for measuring the size of the ring:

  • Your gold and diamond wedding bands should be worn comfortably on a finger.
  • Camphor should be enough, but it should not fall, and it does not have to be free enough to pass through the phalanx joint.
  • Do not define the size of the women’s white gold wedding bands in the morning (there still remains water after the last night in the body, so fingers are slightly swollen).
  • Do not define the size of the diamond white gold wedding bands after exercise (increased pressure and swollen fingers).
  • Do not wear a ring in very hot or cold weather.
  • “The last fitting” should be done when you are calm and your body temperature is normal, and then plain white gold wedding bands will fit well.

When measuring your ring size using a 2-meter sample:

  1. For the broad white gold wedding bands;
  2. For narrow women’s white gold wedding bands.

The finger size measuring instrument is made of a rather thin ring – its width is approximately 3 mm, and this is the most common form for measuring finger size. That is why when fitting the sample, it will be understood how wide you want to buy a ring, then it will be possible to estimate the required reserve amounting to the best option. You will need a little more (maybe a ¼ or ½ size) for a ring 8 mm wide and wider, so it is better to specify the size of the ring.

Using dimensional tape:

  • Twist the ribbon from the ring by inserting the edge of the tape with a measuring tape in the slotted hole.
  • Put the tape on the finger and pull so that the paper fits snugly against the finger.
  • Look at the extreme number on the scale.

Using the size of the meter with the holes:

  • Visually determine the appropriate size.
  • Try several sizes until you find the correct one.

If one size is a little too big, and the previous slightly too small, then order a half size (for example, between 16 and 17, the size of the size – size 16.5).

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