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Titanium VS Tungsten Rings

Titanium VS Tungsten Rings: Comparison

Currently, titanium and tungsten carbide (also just called just “tungsten”) are known to be the most trendy materials on the contemporary jewelry market. Although they may seem similar as far as their appearance is concerned, they are, in fact, quite different in terms of their properties. So, let us find out what tungsten is and what titanium is by considering actual differences between tungsten and titanium rings, as well as discover which of the options is more preferable, taking into account the most important points such as pricing, endurance, weight, hypoallergenic properties and some other features. Here is the comparison list, “titanium VS tungsten rings.”


It is safe to say that both titanium and tungsten are really affordable options, being good alternative variants to all the popular precious materials. Yet, the prices for both the materials certainly vary owing to style, manufacturer, and other features.


Compared with precious materials, titanium and tungsten are definitely much harder. Still, of these two, the latter is far more durable — tungsten is indeed one of the most solid materials. According to the Mohs scale, it reaches a 9; titanium’s score equals 6. So, when there appears the question, “How strong?”, tungsten carbide definitely prevails.


One more magnificent thing about tungsten is the fact that it is extremely scratch-resistant. Although titanium is considered far more scratch-proof than almost any other famous materials, it is nothing like tungsten in this regard. Thanks to its hardness, tungsten carbide is considered to be the most scratch-resistant material, hence it is the most reliable one. Practically no other material can scratch tungsten, except for diamond, naturally.


Still, titanium has its own advantages over tungsten. Apart from scratches, among the usual ring problems are cracks. In this respect, titanium significantly surpasses tungsten carbide, being undoubtedly more crack-proof than its rival. Despite the hardness peculiar to them, tungsten rings may crack when they impact with a hard surface. Some models have better crack-resistance and cannot be easily damaged, though.


When it comes to weight, tungsten and titanium bands are drastically different from one another, so they feel quite different on the finger as well. In spite of their endurance, titanium rings are very lightweight, while tungsten feels rather heavy, which can appeal, though, to men who like that weighty feeling on the finger. Decide on which variant will be more appropriate to you.


Titanium rings have an attractive metal gray color; black titanium rings are also very popular nowadays. The color of tungsten is usually the same — gray or black; besides, there are versions of white tungsten carbide rings that look more classic, resembling platinum or gold. Tungsten wedding bands are extremely popular nowadays, but some people want them to look more conventional, so the white color can be a great solution. However, black titanium wedding rings will be a good option for those who are anxious to have something more unusual.

Hypoallergenic properties

What is especially important for those who may have skin allergies is the hypoallergenic properties of rings. Most of the options are entirely hypoallergenic, though some tungsten bands may contain cobalt. However, those who are sensitive to such metals as gold are not affected and can calmly wear a tungsten band.

Emergency removal

There is a myth that tungsten carbide bands as well as those of titanium are virtually impossible to remove in emergency cases. Certainly, they can be removed, and there must be just some special tools. As for a tungsten ring, it is to be cracked by means of vice-grip pliers; titanium bands are easy to cut with a jeweler’s saw or something like that.


Typically, both types of rings are not to be resized on account of the strength. Yet, tungsten and titanium bands are quite affordable options to be simply replaced.


Though both options are excellent and have benefits of their own, tungsten bands are usually regarded as a more preferable variant.

  • They are extremely scratch-resistant, while most types of bands are more or less liable to scratches, which usually emerges as a serious problem.
  • Tungsten is known as one of the solidest materials, which means it is one of the most durable.
  • Tungsten bands are massive and weighty, which will appeal to earnest, serious men.

Being the most popular options on the modern market, tungsten as well as titanium rings greatly vary in design, shape, and style, so you will definitely find the ones to fit you best.

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