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Metal color
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Moissanite carat range 0 ct
Diamond carat range 0 ct.
Diamond clarity
Gold Karat
Band width 1.8 mm.
Ring size 4
Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring .37 CTW
Sale: $1,500.00
Diamond Engagement Halo Ring .36 CTW
Sale: $1,500.00
Diamond Engagement HaloRing .36 CTW
Sale: $1,500.00
Engagement Diamond Halo Ring .50 CTW
Sale: $1,650.00

So you`re getting engagement, what gems to choose?

Each representative of the fair sex know that it is worth it to wear a piece of jewelry, how to change not only its appearance but also completely modified inner attitude and makes her more beautiful. A girl or woman becomes much more confident in herself and in the other perceives the world. Gems as a person has a certain aura, energy and unique. It is known that one and the same decoration completely different looks on different women. This is especially true of jewelry with precious stones such as diamonds.

Jewelry with precious stones - the main selection criteria

If you are facing a dilemma with which the precious stone to buy jewelry - decide to purchase. If it is a ring with a stone, or it will be for special occasion? If you need an engagement ring, you have to consider that fact that they too can be different and engagement ring prices difference’s to. It all depend what way you chose to go, a premium or just ordinary one, there are diamond engagement rings, princess cut engagement rings, simple engagement rings or square engagement rings and you have to be ready to invest in your relations some dollars. For each specific case there is a suitable stone.

Ok, let`s see how gems and you can find harmony of look.

  • If you pick yourself a ring and earrings with a stone for a special occasion, it is desirable to harmonize with the overall concept of the dress. There is no need to color stone jewelry completely coincided with the color of clothes, enough so that they are from the same range of colors - warm or cold. Also, the selection of gems for the publication refer to the classic color combination of clothes and stones.
  • An important criterion for the purchase of jewelry with stones is the color of the eyes and also skin color of the woman. The stone that is picked up by the color of eyes or skin, is a great addition, to the ceremonial dress or business suit. Of course you have to search shops so you can buy best circle from great designer and also with good price to.  
  • When selecting a piece of jewelry, it is very important value of the stone, which is inlaid ring or earrings. The older owner of a piece of jewelry is, the more massive should be stones that also look good on large hands. For stones such as a king of jewelry stones, diamond is very important next parameters, cut quality and finishing, is it one large or there is few smaller, color of diamond its can variate from bluish – white to yellow. Such parameter as carat is weight of a diamond, it is expressed in carats (1 ct = 0,2 gram). and last but not list clarity internal imperfections (defects) of the stone. According clarity stone gives a score, higher score is higher price tag.
  • An important criterion for choosing a gemstone is the reason for the acquisition of a piece of jewelry. If, for example, this engagement, the ideal option - a ring with clear stone with a stone or the color of the eyes and the skin of the bride. If you prefer wedding rings with stones - stop your choice on the paired ring with diamonds or rubies. Rubies are also precious stones, they can be in different settings, and shapes all the way from simple up to square, very good look have ring with big stone. 
  • Choose jewelry with precious stone can be guided sign of the Zodiac, as each constellation corresponding to a particular stone. Aries suitable jewelry with rubies, diamonds and rock cut glass; Taurus suit jewelry with emeralds, rubies, sapphires and topaz; Gemini - with emeralds, sapphires, topazes. If you pick up jewelry Cancers, they will approach the product with pearls, emeralds, rubies. Lions suitable rubies, emeralds, topazes. Virgo - jewelry with diamonds, garnets, sapphires. Scorpios are suitable stones as garnets, rubies and topazes. Sagittarius - emeralds and sapphires. Capricorns - rubies and garnets. Aquarius - pomegranates, pearls, emeralds, sapphires. Pisces - items with pearls, emeralds or sapphires.
  • Diamonds emphasize the style, elegance and dignity of the owner. Diamond jewelry fit ladies with any eye color and skin - it's a win-win for the gift. Emeralds - gems green color, and the richer, brighter and darker green color, the more expensive the cost of the stone. Rubies - Gems red, which endows its wearer strength, endurance and courage, the ability to quickly recover from the disease. Sapphires - dark blue transparent stones, has a calming and relaxing properties. Precious Topaz is a wide variety of shades. He sharpens intuition helps in solving psychological problems.