Bezel Engagement Ring

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Stone color
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Moissanite carat range 1 ct
Diamond carat range 0.3 ct.
Diamond clarity
Gold Karat
Band width 2.2 mm.
Ring size 4

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Today we making accent for popular style, as a trends of nowadays says it is in trend.

In our online store you`ll find modern engagement rings, with or without precious stones on them, in simple finish or with elegant design, with diamonds, rubies, sapphire’s or zirconium.

Also you can find a contemporary engagement rings in our catalog, in modern design, in popular style, in gold or platinum finishes. We using popular metals such as gold of 585 sample and above up to 999.

In all of our engagement rings we use only popular stones such as: diamonds, sapphire’s, rubies, blue sapphires and also semiprecious stones as zirconia, moissanite, morganite.

Come back to us over and over again, we will be happy to help you create unforgettable moment in yours and in someone close to your life’s