Classic Engagement Rings

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Moissanite carat range 1 ct
Diamond carat range 0.3 ct.
Diamond clarity
Gold Karat
Band width 1.7 mm.
Ring size 4

The ring can be attributed to one of the most popular jewelry. They are worn by both men and women, thus emphasizing their individuality and create a certain image. A ring of gold - a perfect gift to a friend, because gold never goes out of fashion. In our online store you can buy a wide variety to suit all tastes in different price categories, including quite inexpensive. High-quality photos in an online store directory will allow, slowly consider our existing rings of gold, and make a reservation. Specialized delivery service will bring order in a convenient place for you, and you can buy a piece of jewelry from the comfort of home or office.

Golden rings

Wedding and engagement rings in gold - a special category of jewelry, are bought for life and symbolize the love and faithfulness of spouses. Classic wedding and engagement rings can be both with inlays of precious stones, and completely without inserts. In our catalog you will find photos of wedding and engagement rings in platinum, ceramic, titanium, gold and will be able to place an order for your favorite jewelry. Depending on the weight of the gold and the type of stone used for insertion, you can buy the product for different costs. The relatively cheap cost thin delicate rings of gold with a small stone or without an insert. As the name implies, wedding and engagement rings - it's jewelry, carrying some meaning.

Classic engagement rings

Classic engagement rings - a gift to the bride from the groom to engagement, it speaks about the intention of lovers to marry. Classic engagement or classic engagement ring designs of rings usually made of gold (it may be yellow gold or white gold) as an insert and is often diamond or cubic zirconia. Diamond - the most famous gems inset of sparkling diamond looker and creates around its owner festive lights luxury. Classic diamond engagement rings are the dream of thousands of girls around the world.  In our stores and the online store of gold, you will find a large selection of engagement rings with the insertion of the diamond. Before you make an order and to buy an engagement ring, it can be considered in detail in the photo in the catalog. The engagement ring is often used and is another popular stone - a cubic zirconia. Insertion of cubic zirconia instead of a diamond reduces the price of an engagement rings and it allows you to buy relatively inexpensive. And this is exactly the case when the concept of "cheap" applies only to the cost of the jewelry, because look engagement rings with an insert made of cubic zirconia extremely stylish and elegant. Engagement rings without inserts are also well represented in the catalog of our online store. Gorgeous photos give a complete picture of the beauty of engagement rings, so your order will be thoughtful and choice - accurate.

Wedding rings - a special piece of jewelry. This required attribute wedding symbolizes spouse’s decision to go through life together. That is why the choice of wedding rings is given special attention. Our online store offers you a gold engagement rings in various designs - smooth and with inlays of precious stones. Often the couple prefer to buy a pair of wedding rings of gold, made in the same style. Wide price range of wedding rings gold jewelry makes these available to customers with any income. The relatively inexpensive cost spectacular wedding rings without inserts, processed by special technology. This jewelry is made of gold with a diamond face or rhodium.

How to choose engagement ring?

Choosing a wedding or classic engagement rings, pay attention to product quality and reputation of the jewelry store. After all jewelry purchased for wedding and engagement - is a special purchase, so as ever it is important to be confident in the correctness of his choice. All our jewelry is made of a proven gold and precious stones and have the appropriate conformity certificates, so you can be confident in the quality of wedding and engagement rings. Our online store is designed specifically to save your time. It is not always possible to spend hours or even days to get acquainted with the proposals of the different jewelry stores and buy the right engagement or wedding ring. Through our online store you will find all of the jewelry that is pleased to introduce to you And with his "half" you can enjoy a leisurely choice of the most important jewelry in your life. To buy the selected products, it is not necessary to go out. You can make an order for delivery directly to «» Online e-shop, and a convenient time to receive the ring in your location on request.

The choice of classic engagement or classic wedding rings in our online store can be a real treat, is preceded by one of the most important events in your life. Sitting in comfortable armchairs in front of a computer screen, sipping a cool champagne or sipping sweet tea, you get neither an incomparable pleasure from looking gorgeous wedding photos and engagement rings, and discussion of their merits. And if you want before you buy jewelry, you will attract to the choice of a friend or parent, you just tell them the address of our online store.