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Moissanite carat range 1 ct
Diamond carat range 0.3 ct.
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Gold Karat
Band width 1.7 mm.
Ring size 4

Remember, when selecting a ring, do not forget that you will have to wear it for life it does not does apply to pre engagement ring and promise engagement rings to. Therefore, it must be comfortable, and not compress the blood vessels of a finger. Wedding rings are not allowed to try on others, do not show in public places and do not give try on others people. It used to consider bad luck a ring that fell at the wedding, putting on ring on the glove, use old and widow rings. Hereditary rings grandparents that lived happily in marriage, considered the best gift to young family. Hook up new purchased ring with a pin before the wedding, and in front of the house and speaks up next words of wishes: "For a long life, true love and good family."

What tells us the "language of the Rings"?

There is the so-called "language of the Rings" when the ring dressed for a specific finger, wordlessly says about its owner. If the ring on the index finger - the owner is looking for a wife; on the middle finger - the owner is experienced in love affairs; on the little finger - "I am free, but will not marry!"; and only the ring finger is pointed out that the man's heart belongs to his beloved.

  • From the old Russian custom of "the language of the Rings" has not changed:
  • Silver on his left hand - the girl is free and ready for marriage;
  • Silver on the right hand - already engaged;
  • Gold on the right hand - Single;
  • Gold ring on his left hand - divorced;
  • Two gold rings on his left hand - the widow.
  • The stone in the ring must be your talisman and amulet

The pre engagement rings are increasingly putting stones with a certain purpose. The world is composed of stones. Precious stones - strong energy that is completely directed on their owners. Do not rush to buy rings with stones. Each stone has its own history, and it is not always positive you begin to live from scratch, even if the stones are crystal clear. Because diamond is considered to be a stumbling resistance, tenacity and strength of the relationship; Amethyst - stone of happiness and sweet sadness; aquamarine - stone resting; turquoise - stone of fidelity; Pearls - a stone women's health and longevity; Emerald - stone of chastity and love; Moonstone - a talisman from strife; Opal - the stone of loyalty and trust; Ruby - stone of deep feelings, the strongest talisman against evil and longing; Sapphire - stone of modesty and high purity; Topaz - stone of enlightenment in the soul and heart; Zirconium - a stone-healer and wisdom of life. If the groom insists on buying a ring for you with a certain stone, think, what caused a desire to get acquainted with the history and purpose of stones.

In modern life, the youth gets rings with black diamonds and garnets, elegant items with cuts and patterns, personal initials and monograms. Young couples do not want to be like their peers and dream about an interesting life together in infinite love and happiness with each other.

In different countries wedding ring is worn according to their traditions. On his right hand rings are in Poland, Germany, Israel, Greece, India, Venezuela, Austria, Norway and Georgia. On the left hand wearing a ring in the United States, Mexico, Japan, Turkey, Sweden, France, Cuba and Canada. In some areas of our great motherland distinguish engagement rings, wedding rings and wedding rings.

At the proposal of marriage, the groom puts on the bride before the wedding, at her right hand ring and only on wedding day putting on a wedding ring. If the young couple wants to spend the wedding rite, they offer buy a wedding ring. These rings in Orthodoxy worn on the ring finger of his right hand. The rest Rings: engagement and wedding, taken off and never should be put again. Marriage, registered in the registry office, and blessed in the Orthodox Church, considered to be made in heaven, so to the wedding golden ring special relationship among the people. Sanctified icons, handed the young couple in the temple, set in a house in a place of honor and are considered the main shrine and family amulets.

Changing era, society, philosophy, cultural values ​​and customs and wonderful tradition, converted and displayed new beautiful faces. Once upon a time, even in 1837, American jeweler Charles Lewis Tiffany has created a new generation of classic wedding rings with diamonds, mounted in a ring frame of 6 teeth. Today, the world jewelers offer the most advanced and unique diamond inserts in gold and silver rings. Give the man his favorite commemorative ring. Whether you give a proposal ring or ring, always loved to celebrate the warmth and attention of your loving heart!