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Moissanite carat range 0.84 ct
Diamond carat range 0.3 ct.
Diamond clarity
Gold Karat
Band width 1.7 mm.
Ring size 4

In jewelry are many set of gemstones is known. But, by right, the most beautiful and more demanded is considered the diamond in classic engagement rings. This stone is the most expensive. It is caused by labor input of process of production of the diamonds.

Diamonds can be natural and artificial. Natural stones are quite deeply. Such depth and pressure, in total with high temperature, also contribute to the formation of diamonds in sets of different jewelry such as classic diamond engagement rings. But apart from that environment it takes time and Ii is a lot of time. Formation of gemstone came from simple graphite more than several million years ago. After this time, during a volcanic eruption, magma takes out stones on a surface. Quite so also fields which received the name kimberlite tubes are formed.

Because of a rarity and difficult conditions of production the stone is estimated so expensively. But throughout long time people aimed to facilitate getting, and at last it worked well. Now all process of production of diamonds is most optimized and therefore the prices aren't so huge except of that stones that were meant to be used as part of rings as classic diamond engagement rings. How to create diamond in vitro, began to look for methods two centuries ago. And still searches were crowned with success, and scientists could create all necessary and grow up stones in those quantities which are required.

The diamonds which are grown up in laboratory differ in nothing from natural, usually this kind of stones are often used in production of classic diamond engagement rings. In them with guarantee there are no impurity. However, jewelers and consumers treat such artificial stones quite alerted. Artificial not always was in the price. In many areas of production of raw materials in the 20th century wars were waged and for this reason the stones got in these territories received the name ‘’bloody’’.


Besides, in the course of production children participated and perished. Therefore, these diamonds also deserved the status conflictual it was used in classic engagement ring designs. Often areas in which they are got, are under control of forces, which against the government. On money from sale of diamonds fighting is also conducted.

And still, when ‘’bloody’’ diamond comes to the market quite difficult to establish conflictual it or not. And after diamond underwent to a facet, to make it is absolutely unreal and suitable to be used in classic engagement ring designs. And somehow to control the market of bloody diamonds, at the beginning of the twentieth century the organization which controls trade in these stones was created. And though it includes fifty countries, nevertheless to the market continue to come conflict diamonds.


At the end of the nineteenth century for the first time drew a parallel of boundary getting of natural diamonds and the conflicts in the country. It concerned Africa. It also suggested an idea of creating the organization which could control receipt of stones on the market.

Each jeweler values the reputation and doesn't hurry to stain it use of bloody stones. Work with them can cause damage to the jeweler. And the loss will be not so much financial nature how image loss.

Many people prefer to carry stones which aren't stained with blood. And such buyers to become more every day.

The well-known jewelry companies use strictly accommodating stones in the products and can guarantee it. To confirm the accommodating origin, on stones the appropriate certificate is issued. Its availability will also be able to guarantee purity of a stone.

Therefore, to be sure that the stone accommodating should be chosen the jewelry company which has such certificates. Also it is necessary to be attentive to reputation of the most jewelry company.

Our company LA Laser Engraving offers only the "accommodating" (conflict free) diamonds i.e. so that mean that all the diamond combination and diamonds used in our jewelry such as classic engagement rings, classic diamond engagement rings, classic engagement ring designs are conflict free. Permitted to they aren't coming from the countries involved in financing of the conflicts or violating resolutions of the UN (No. 1173 – 1176 – 1306 – 1343) according to the certificate of an origin from the states which aren't involved in military operations and not performing operation of work of minors.

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