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Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring .37 CTW
Sale: $1,500.00
Diamond Engagement Halo Ring .36 CTW
Sale: $1,500.00
Diamond Engagement HaloRing .36 CTW
Sale: $1,500.00
Engagement Diamond Halo Ring .50 CTW
Sale: $1,650.00

Usually, pre engagement ring decorated with inlays of precious stones. Engagement rings with inlays can be divided into rings with one large gemstone rings and with several smaller stones, the diameter of which does not exceed the width of the shank. Rings of the first embodiment is particularly popular in Europe and in the United States, in Russia, however, is about the same prevalence of such rings and rings decorated with small stones. Despite the fact that a ring with a large stone looks more impressive, it is not very convenient in a glove. And since our country pre engagement ring after the wedding is still on the hand of the bride appreciate practicality rings with small stones.

Most often, to be inserted into an engagement ring diamond is used, whose magnificent shine diamond rightfully allowed to ascend to the summit of Olympus jewelry. Engagement ring with an insert of a colorless round diamonds - a classic wedding genre. The replacement rings with diamond ring can be a cubic zirconia, artificially grown by Soviet scientists in the 70-ies of the last century. Thanks to its unique crystal structure of cubic zirconia shines almost as bright as a diamond, but it is necessary in this case is much cheaper. Engagement ring with a colorless diamond or cubic zirconia perfectly combined with any other jewelry - earrings, necklaces, pendants and chains.

Engagement rings with colored stones look extremely elegant and are in constant demand among actors, artists and all those who appreciate original jewelry. Since, according to legend, each gem carries a certain magic force pre engagement ring with inset acquires additional meaning. For example, a ring with a ruby, presenting on the day of the engagement, to help keep the love, with an emerald ring to protect against trouble, and ring with amethyst prolong youth. Engagement rings with colored stones and are often decorated with small diamonds flanking the center stone.

Choosing a promise engagement ring for the girlfriend, it is necessary to take into account the preferences and favorite style. So, if a girl usually wears silver, you can buy her a ring from rhodium or white gold. In the first case, the color of the alloy additives affect palladium, nickel or platinum, in the second - silver tone ring gets by coating a very thin layer of rhodium. Interesting and Engagement rings made of gold of different colors. They not only look impressive, but also organically combines both the gold and silver ornaments.

The sacred meaning of promise engagement rings without inserts emphasizes their shape. The central part of the shank in such rings are usually decorated with a figure symbolizing eternal love - heart, angel or a wedding crown. Jewelry often without inserts made of gold with a diamond face. Metal is processed by diamond cutters, and get relief surface reflects light like a diamond.

Buying promise engagement rings it is only recommended in the reliability of the company not to buy a diamond ring instead of a similar product with zircon, cubic zirconia or glass. And the quality of the gold must be confirmed by the certificate of conformity, as well as a print sample and branded products. Not to be mistaken with the size, it is desirable to bring any bride a ring which she wears on the third finger of his right hand. If the jewelry is purchased from the online store, the ring size can be determined in advance by going to any jeweler with a ring girl.

Since the promise engagement ring is worn constantly, followed by regular maintenance is required. In the home decoration can be washed in a weak solution of ammonia or sanded paste jewelry "GOI". Ring should be protected from scratches and exposure to chemicals, and the ring with precious stones - and even from falls or blows, after all, in spite of its hardness, diamond is even quite fragile.