Marquise Engagement Rings

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Moissanite carat range 1 ct
Diamond carat range 0.3 ct.
Diamond clarity
Gold Karat
Band width 2 mm.
Ring size 4

Principles of a design and feature of a jewelry

One of the traditional principles of designing are balance, balance and symmetry on one or two axes or in relation to a basic element, for example to an insert.

Such products as cushion cut engagement rings and cushion cut halo engagement rings are perceived as something reliable and balanced. It is the principle of static balance. However, a human eye quickly gets used to such ornament and the attention to him weakens.

The principle of dynamic balance consists that some elements of ornament are in the limited movement of rather main motionless element. Or all ornament is in the movement concerning an element of his deduction. The product as if plays that attracts all eyes to it and increases attention.

Other principle - compactness of ornament or logical restriction in sizes. A jewelry for men and for women has to correspond to the sizes of carriers.

At last, one more principle is the principle of convenience in wearing a piece of jewelry. It is obvious that any ornament along with beauty has to have certain qualities which provide to the carrier feeling of comfort at their carrying of cushion cut engagement rings or cushion cut halo engagement rings.

Their physical characteristics and elements of deduction on a hand, a dress, in ears, etc. belong to features of a jewelry.

The weight, volume, stability when carrying belong to the main characteristics defining feature of ornament, the linear sizes, rigidity, safety.

Ornament weight. What he has to be - depends on fashion and the jeweler’s idea. In determination of weight also cost is important if ornament is made of high-standard alloy of precious metals. Weight depends also on the identity of the carrier: the man can wear more massive jewelry, than the woman. But anyway weight shouldn't be not too small, not too big for finger of carrier, also it is important to select diamond right so it wouldn’t be so massive. After all, whom wants engagement ring to big or to small or to agley?

Ornament volume. These are dimensions, massiveness and camber. Despite beauty of volume products, It should be noted some inconvenience when carrying them in everyday life. Usually dimensional jewelry carries on certain holidays or at ceremonial clothes, it might be simple or it could carry up stone.

Stability and balance. This question always arises both at production, and upon purchase of the massive or suspended jewelry. For example, the ring or earrings with a massive top can "fall down". That such ring was steady on a finger, it has to sit densely on it. In earrings such stability is reached by a design of the spring lock. Heavy pendants or necklaces are counterbalanced with a back ornament.

Sizes. This characteristic is very important. Ornament has to be combined with a part of a body or a toilet harmoniously. The sizes determine the volume, weight and massiveness. Here the size is understood as a certain linear standard which is observed at production of jewelry and facilitates their choice upon purchase.

Rigidity. This generalized characteristic which can have a set of values from absolute rigidity to absolute flexibility. Therefore, also a wearable jewelry is subdivided on rigid (unbending), bending, partially flexible and flexible.

Safety. It is necessary to understand an invariance of appearance of ornament as safety. It is natural that in the course of carrying it is deformed, taking a bit different forms. It is connected with softness and a pliability of material of which ornament is made. For avoidance of such effect it is necessary to choose high-standard alloys, and also to make thrifty use of the ornament, because after wedding you will be carrying that jewelry on your hand for long-long years.

LA Laser Engraving in production of our jewelry follows all this rules, so our jewelry made for you to enjoy. Our products made in USA.