Modern engagement rings

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Moissanite carat range 1 ct
Diamond carat range 0.3 ct.
Diamond clarity
Gold Karat
Band width 1.7 mm.
Ring size 4

Name the diamond standard at gloss and faceted play of light among the minerals will not be an exaggeration. On the creation of a brilliant nature he worked for millions of years, forming in its bosom on every continent except Antarctica diamond, becoming the product of the jeweler's art in the hands of experienced diamond cutters worldwide. It is because of the processing when the diamond is taking shape of some form, set international standards and verified by mathematician’s number of faces, it becomes unbeatable shining jewel, a favorite of women all over the world.

I wonder why to wear diamond jewelry began only in the XVII century, it was then learned how to cut diamonds and their beauty was seen in full. Of course, in those days afford the luxury of this amazing stone could only royal ladies who wore diamond rings as a symbol of indomitable power and greatness. But the diamond was revered much earlier, and even on the territory of modern Ukraine were found rings with this mineral, belonging to the ancient peoples - according to their beliefs, the diamond has given courage and strengthen the character. Diamonds as adamants have that any other gems are demanded by women’s, as we all know best women’s friends are diamonds. I will not make a mistake if I assume that more than 90% of women in the world are found of precious gems. And also, more than 86% of women’s wish to ware beautiful ring with big-fat gam on their finger as a sign of boyfriend love.  

Diamond Rings in our online store

Our online catalog offers you a selection of truly luxurious diamond rings in such demanding categories were rivalry is super tough: engagement rings, and even here we can proudly present to you our blue sapphire engagement ring, diamond and blue sapphire engagement rings, engagement rings with sapphires and blue sapphire engagement rings white gold that for 100% are woman lovers for shore. Beautiful women shine from inside, with any of ours rings with gems she will shine from outside, and anyone who will see hers glowing will know, that this beautiful woman, have man who care for her. You will shine like the rulers in ancient times, decorating finger fabulous gold rim with a stone unprecedented beauty. We have presented a ring with a central diamond, and in addition refined models developed by our designers and jewelers, you have the unique opportunity to choose what size, color, shape and purity of the stone will be inserted in the sophisticated frame of your choice. And what is fascinating scattering of small diamonds when in the ring with a brilliant track to fall even a little ray of light it is outstanding! Just imagine blue sapphire engagement ring, diamond and blue sapphire engagement rings, engagement rings with sapphires or blue sapphire engagement rings white gold on yours hands fingers, and just for second try to imagine how it is to be someone who ware such a beauty on finger, how rays of san play on them, I might be wrong but I think in that very moment you will fill yourself for million dollars.  

Equally delightful look and rings with three diamonds, and jewelry on a finger with studded around a central stone, and wide rings with plenty of diamonds in several rows ... Choose your style rings, evaluate all the options on our online catalog, and if you want more - just let us know and we'll create absolutely unique jewelry masterpieces for you!

Remember among all the gifts alone diamonds are forever. Gave your loved one sign of your grade and hardness of your intentions, even a diamond ring as a gift becomes a symbol of the kind of value to you is a person, he to you of roads.