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Pink drop of happiness – morganit.

Morganit - it is the pink gemstone which is a kind of mineral of beryl. It means that on the chemical composition the stone morganit is close to aquamarines and to all known emeralds. For the first time it was found not so long ago - a little more than a century ago, in Russia, in the Ural. Pink morganit (the synonym - vorobyevit) - a stone which meets seldom, but at the same time crystals of a morganit can reach the big size and have good purity. Availability of cracks and inclusions isn't typical for such stones in the facetted type. The price of a large net morganit can be rather not really high but look is, out of this gemstone makes an extraordinary ring such as morganite engagement ring, rose gold morganite engagement rings, morganite engagement rings.

The cost of a morganit strongly depends on his color: copies of cold shades of pink color, without orange shade are the most expensive. Than the more saturated color is, the higher the cost of this mineral is. Copies of pink-orange color can cost several times cheaper, then examples of pure pink color. It should be noted that coloring of this semi-precious stone practically always very light. Therefore, vorobyevita (morganite) often are exposed to heat treatment and radiation for the purpose of improvement of color, however existence of a factor of up classing is difficult diagnosed and it not strongly influences their cost.

It should be noted that the cost of this mineral not strongly changes over the years, however the price of a rare bright pink stone can exceed 400 dollars for carat. If you want to purchase morganit high quality - address us, we are always glad to help you with purchase of morganite engagement ring, rose gold morganite engagement rings, morganite engagement rings, or same stone in any different combination.


To find excellent option and to purchase a stone morganit (that is pink, beryl) it is possible in LA Laser Engraving. Our specialists carefully choose only the best samples from a set of offers, caring for high quality of stones. In our catalog you can look and purchase vorobyevita of different shades of pink. It is possible to purchase this rare beryl or a set of morganit online, having arranged the order on the website. The photo, price, the description is specified for each stone. This information will help to make a right choice and to avoid disappointment. Our team is ready to provide you any additional information on the morganit provided in the catalog on your request.


Products from morganite aren't so known in the world of jewelry. However, in recent years all of us meet rings with pink berilla from various jewelry houses more often. Their gentle romantic color inspires jewelers on use in rings and earrings both in white, and in yellow and pink gold. Products with morganity practically don't meet in jewelry stores of Europe and USA. Rings and earrings are, as a rule, carried out in a single copy, declaring distinguished taste of their owner.

To make a ring or earrings you also can to order in the LA Laser Engraving company. We without fail will consider all your wishes and we will make unique ornament with morganity which will please you for many years.

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