Oval cut Engagement rings

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Moissanite carat range 0.84 ct
Diamond carat range 0.3 ct.
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Gold Karat
Band width 1.7 mm.
Ring size 0.3

Nowadays, engagement rings have lost their sacred sense. They weren’t just decoration. But even today, they talk about the social status and material well-being of matrimony couples louder than any words. However, it is not necessary for these accessories to light up and scornfully scream for their owners – I can bay them! They also can talk about owner’s senses of style, and royal roots.

Although the ring and is now perceived as the ordinary objects of the material world, they also have a great relationship with spirituality, it is believed that such noble metals as gold and platina are best guides to spirituality, even more such garments as oval diamond engagement ring, and oval engagement ring setting are best spirit connectors.

It is believed that wearing of wedding rings at a particular finger connects people with the world of spirits. According to the mystics, each finger represents a certain quality, and the ring, worn on this finger, may strengthen or weaken them with their energy. 

There is a perception that wearing jewelry on the right hand says about the current state of man, and on the left - what he desires or dreams. Therefore, to wear wedding rings choose exactly the right hand. Although Catholics, on the other hand, wear them on the finger of his left hand. Why should engagement rings have worn it on the ring finger?

Since ancient times the ring finger identified with the sun. If a man on the ring finger is the ring except for any wedding, it shows that in front of you an extraordinary nature. He constantly strives to passion, beauty, luxury, sensuality, success and wealth. If the ring finger wearing a wedding ring, it speaks about the importance of marital status, this status value for its owner. Women who want to emphasize the importance of marriage, often on top of a wedding put on another, usually with the stone. 

What should you know about your ring finger

It is known that our body, particularly fingers has many active points. Many never take off wedding rings and ring settings. Not surprisingly, doctors warn - regularly wearing the rings has a strong impact on health, since they are constantly massaged the same point. And find a direct link with health problems in women is with wearing rings, especially women’s wearing heavy rings settings, or heavy rings with diamonds, more prone to diseases, but this cases are extremely low. For example, in some cases there were small increase of breast and gynecological cancer cases. To relax the fingers and to avoid the further problems, it is expedient to stop wearing these decorations at least 1-2 days a week, or even at night. 

Particular attention should be paid to the size. How to do it correctly, you can learn, having looked through a catalog of wedding rings. They shouldn’t leave any traces on the skin. Responsibly going for buying a wedding ring, it is possible to avoid considerable problems in future.

Now, we hope what you did fined in this article, will help you make a correct choice.