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Princess Engagement Rings

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Every diamond is created as the result of unimaginably extreme pressures within the earth. Diamond is the hardest material that we have discovered and, when cut and polished by a professional, transforms into one of the most beautiful gems that we know.

A major factor in how a diamond appears, from its brilliance to its size and to its luminosity, depends not just on the stone itself but the way in which it has been shaped and mounted. Over centuries, jewelers have developed dozens of intricate methods that dictate how a diamond is cut to maximize and enhance its aesthetic properties.

The Princess Cut

The princess cut was developed in Israel almost half a century ago and remains unsurpassed in popularity since. The princess cut is characterized by a four-sided pyramidal shape and a square crown. When viewed from above, the shape of the crown makes a princess shaped diamond appear larger than diamonds of different cuts but of the same carat weight.

Princess cut engagement rings are among the most in-demand designs around the world for women. Not only are they revered for their beauty as a solitary gem in a solitaire setting, but also lend themselves well to a variety of other popular settings. The halo setting, where a large central diamond is set surrounded by many smaller diamonds (or other stones), is one of the most common variations.

Our princess shaped diamonds may be set on rings made of a variety of precious metals, including:

  • yellow gold;
  • white gold;
  • rose gold;
  • platinum.

Personally Engraved

At LA Laser Engraving in Los Angeles, we take all your preferences into consideration before suggesting the ideal ring for your unique needs. We will engrave a message of your choice onto the ring. This service is not just provided cheap; it is completely free.