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Round Cut Engagement Rings

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The round cut diamond is, by far, the most popular choice for diamond rings for any occasion. It is estimated that close to three-quarters of all diamonds are shaped by jewelers in this design because of its timeless, overwhelming popularity.

What Exactly is a Round Cut?

A round cut diamond is instantly recognizable from its circular outline as seen from the top of the diamond. Viewed from the side, it looks like an inverted cone below a trapezoidal upper section.

This feature allows the diamond to reflect light very well, enhancing its brilliance and causing it to appear between 25% and 35% larger than diamonds of the same carat weight in other cuts. This is why the round cut is also known as the brilliant cut. With diamonds, bigger is usually better, and an engagement ring presented in a brilliant cut will generally give you the best returns visually for your investment.

If you have already decided on a round cut stone, congratulations – it is almost always the perfect choice. The next step is to consider the detailed design. Some of the common options you will find are:

  • The solitaire - a single round diamond;
  • The halo – a large central stone surrounded by a circle of smaller ones;
  • The double halo – like the halo, but with two circles;
  • The cushion – a four-edged diamond with rounded corners;
  • The cushion halo – central cushion stone inset between many smaller ones.

Other enhancements include a setting of stones around or partway around the band.

3 Carat Engagement Rings

A round cut diamond is simple but unique. As time has proven, it will attract the most attention and make your fiancée’s hand a magnet for the eyes wherever she is.

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