Solitaire Engagement Rings

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Moissanite carat range 1 ct
Diamond carat range 0.3 ct.
Diamond clarity
Gold Karat
Band width 1.7 mm.
Ring size 4

How in the world gemstones or you rather say jewels are classified? Do you know? No? So let me try to explain you. Many scientists offered the classification of stones used in jewelry. Some have tried to group the gemstones by their hardness, while others built a classifier based on minerals transparency and color, others have tried to take into account the chemical composition or the type of crystal lattice. Each classification has been quite suitable for certain purposes, but none has avoided some of the shortcomings. However, currently the most popular is to divide gemstones into three categories: precious stones jewelry, semi-precious and stones.

Precious stones

Precious gemstones also can be divided into two subgroups. The first consists of stones which are of mineral origin: diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. In the second subgroup is only pearl that is formed in the shell of a mollusk, and therefore belongs to the stones of organic origin.

Precious gemstones weight not measured in grams, as in all other minerals, it is in carats. Diamonds are considered to be the most expensive stones, while the estimated value of a particular diamond is dependent on its key features: the mass of the crystal purity (absence of defects), color and cut quality.

Diamonds at most combined with classic, and it is believed that special occasions such as engagements cannot exist without classic engagement ring designs and diamond or classic diamond engagement rings.

The second in value in the group of precious jewels are emeralds. The deeper the color of the crystal, the more it valued other things being equal.

Ruby is corundum with wide color gamut - from pale pink to dark purple. Rubies are valued slightly less than emeralds.

Sapphire – mineral blue corundum closes the group of precious jewels. Sapphires are quite rare stones. The most expensive sapphire are of blue saturated color, but their color can be pink or purple due to impurities.

Semi-precious stones

The category of semi-precious stones are natural gemstones, usually transparent or translucent, both color and colorless. There are a lot of semi-precious stones, but the most popular of them deserve a special mention.

One of the most beautiful semi-precious stones is Alexander, famous for its dual color, which under different lighting can be crimson or green. Chrysolite is a rare natural of colors from yellow-green to dark green. Sometimes chrysolites of deep herbal colors are easily confused with emeralds.

Topaz widely used in the jewelry industry - blue, pink or yellow transparent stones. Purple amethyst is also loved by jewelers. This stone is extremely good both in a frame of gold and in silver jewelry. Transparent and colorless rock crystal appreciated for the beautiful game in the world of cut crystal. Rock crystal is popular for earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants. Aquamarine named after its amazing blue-green color is also very popular among gem lovers.

Coral and amber are semi-precious stones with organic origin. Coral is a skeleton of a coral polyp - a building material of coral reefs. There are white, pink and red coral. The latter are particularly attractive and often used in jewelry. Frozen fossil resin of coniferous trees - amber - is used to make a variety of jewelry. The most valuable amber samples contain inclusions of ancient flies or plants.


Gemstones include poorly transparent or opaque natural gemstones, the hardness of which is lower than that of semi-precious stones. Precious stones like the beautiful color of the natural and original designs that look particularly good in the major products. Gemstones are often used in necklaces, bracelets, earrings and medallions, as well as various interior items and souvenirs.

Orange Carnelian is usually slightly translucent, so it is good in most jewelry. Effectively look decoration of Cat's-eye - this stone, which is a form of agate, as polished as a cabochon or round beads, reminiscent of the peculiar refraction of light cat's-eye.

Brown jasper and green malachite are rarely used in the manufacture of jewelry, but they are good for fancy household items. They are also used as a decorative or facing material for finishing palaces, presidential suites and other luxurious facilities.