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Square Cut Engagement Rings

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Diamonds have always fascinated us, not just for their beauty but also for their extreme resilience. Besides being the most coveted of all gemstones, diamond is used in a variety of roles where its status as the hardest material known to man allows it to do things other materials simply cannot.

In fact, only a diamond can cut another diamond. One cut that has stood the test of time to be recognized as one of the classics is the square cut. This particular design is still ever as popular, and continues to be used in precious jewelry to mark a range of occasions and events.

Square cut engagement rings are perhaps the most well-known example.

Square Cut – A Versatile Design

The description ‘square cut diamond’ actually encompasses a variety of designs. Of these, the two most popular are:

  • The radiant cut – A ‘brilliant cut’ pattern is applied to both the pavilion and the crown.
  • The cushion cut – Here, the square cut is softened with rounded corners.

Besides this, a square cut diamond may also be mounted in a halo setting. This is when the center stone is surrounded by numerous smaller pavé or micro-pavé gems. The appeal of a halo setting is that the contrast between the center and halo diamonds makes the former seem considerably larger.

Of course, purists still have an affinity for the solitaire square cut diamond, so simple and elegant, but mesmerizing nonetheless.

Our square cut engagement rings are available in both white gold and yellow gold so you have even more choices.

Uniquely Yours

No matter how unique a diamond ring may be, it can only be made more special with a personalized message. LA Laser Engraving of Los Angeles will expertly etch a message of your choice into either the inside or outside of your ring as a complimentary service.