Vintage Engagement Ring

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Stone color
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Moissanite carat range 1 ct
Diamond carat range 0.3 ct.
Diamond clarity
Gold Karat
Band width 2 mm.
Ring size 5

A special place among the elite decorations took jewelry rings. Vintage and antique - a traditional design style of performance of such products. The embodiment of fashion trends of past eras usual causes us association with the eternal values and morality. That is why the engagement and wedding rings in this style are in high demand. Main stars among vintage style are vintage engagement rings, antique engagement rings, vintage rose gold engagement rings, vintage diamond engagement rings.

In the first place a gift to have the liking of the girl having a refined taste and a subtle sense of beauty.

Generations of Traditions

Vintage diamond engagement ring - jewelry that looks especially majestic and fascinating. As you know, products from precious metals and precious stones are used for several decades, or even centuries. Any girl would be delighted gifts in the form of a ring in a vintage style, the likes of which she is still a child seen in museums and black-and-white photographs of his young mothers and grandmothers and are painted in the imagination, dreaming about his own family happiness.

If you want to choose a truly original ring on offer, we recommend you look at it in a vintage style. This design jewelery embodies the best traditions of the jeweler's art, interpreted and adapted to our time.

Unusually - not always good, right? Often, in the pursuit of non-triviality can stumble upon a frank kitsch. However, the vintage ring - it's decoration, which a priori would look extraordinary and at the same time subtly and gently, but not vulgar and tasteless.

Ukraine has its own ethnic foundations and symbolic value in the design of jewelry. Our catalog presents like ornaments, which embodies the tradition of East Slavic masters, and executed in the Anglo-Saxon style.

Background to the Eternal

Aged in vintage style unusual engagement rings can truly reveal the full depth of the feelings that you have for your life partner. After receiving a gift is a ring, the bride will appreciate your originality and diligence in the selection of the symbol of your love.

The process of marriage is a sacrament that you and your fiancee will remember all my life. The best way to make the event an atmosphere of solemnity - to give the bride a noble vintage ring.