White gold Engagement rings

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Moissanite carat range 0.84 ct
Diamond carat range 0.3 ct.
Diamond clarity
Gold Karat
Band width 1.7 mm.
Ring size 4

If you ask any person about what gift he considers universal, then 90% of respondents will answer that jewelry and if to be precise rings or how they call them bands especially 14k yellow gold wedding bands. No wonder, jewelry is a luxurious, beautiful, graceful, style which were available only to the elite at all times, for the majority remaining a limit of dreams...

The LA Laser Engraving company breaks stereotypes and introduces new rules in jewelry business! Now solar gloss of 14 karat gold wedding bands precious metal and the moon patches of light are available to everyone who wishes them! In ours catalog there are jewelry starting from several dollars and up are provided. Where still you saw the similar cost of a jewelry made of precious metals such as gold, platinum or silver? You don’t need to visit dozens of stores located all over the city! Only at us for the same money you can become the owner of graceful 14k yellow gold wedding bands set which will become family decoration of your family over time. After it will be descended to children, then grandsons and so on, silently telling story of your sort to future generations …

Loyal price policy of the LA Laser Engraving company allows you to choose a product on the taste and a wallet! The massive 14k gold wedding bands covered with a brilliant scattering of gemstones, the volume earrings decorated with passionate rubies, mysterious emeralds, marvelous sapphires, magnificent diamonds, stylish suspensions, graceful bracelets, distinguished brooches, original cuff links…

The range of jewelry of the LA Laser Engraving company just strikes anyone with the variety to choose from…

We cooperate with the most talented jewelers who create not just jewelry masterpieces but also beautiful jewelry for smart price. We working directly, without intermediaries, with the Israeli diamond exchange, we buy the most high-quality stones which become then precious heart of exclusive products of our company. Our assortment group included all forms of a facet, any weight, color and quality characteristics of diamonds, gold, platinum, emeralds, sapphires etc.

The LA Laser Engraving company - a jewelry which is available to everyone

Except graceful "budget" jewelry we have extremely beautiful jewelry of category V.I.P. Our jewelers are capable to execute the order of any complexity; they regularly increase the skill therefore we with confidence speak: for us there are no restrictions. Experience and talent of our jewelers allow to realize any project of the client. So address – we will make everything in the best possible way, and also we guarantee complete confidentiality of your order.

The LA Laser Engraving company is ready to a cooperation with all – in what region of Ukraine you wouldn't be, we guarantee you timely order fulfillment and its fast delivery. If you had questions – set them to our consultants, they precisely will have answers to them!

Remember, the fashion – is changeable, and jewelry – are eternal! Present this brilliant eternity to yourself and to the relatives - the LA Laser Engraving company offers you the best terms to make it right now!

We care not only for originality of your celebration, but also for your budget. We suggest you to address to the jewelry company "LA Laser Engraving" where perfect wedding rings at the affordable prices are, then at many other companies across US prices can be much higher. The company provides to the clients a wide choice of exclusive rings. The choice of wedding products is organized with special approach. The ring which is put on by couple in the wedding day is a special attribute which will accompany them for many years. It is considered that rings which newlyweds dress each other will be for them a reliable charm for the rest of life, a symbol of fidelity and the keeper of a home. Wedding rings are not just jewelry which is put on occasionally, or select under the job specification. They are carried always and everywhere. For this reason, it is very important to make a right choice. The LA Laser Engraving cooperates only with the best USA and European designers, and as raw materials for products uses only high-standard precious metals.

Often pre wedding preparations take away many forces and energies. Infinite campaigns on salons and shops, meetings with photographers and operators exhaust, and mail and messenger service of delivery all over US. But if you stop the choice on the LA Laser Engraving company, then you not only will save time and money, but also take great pleasure and positive emotions from the procedure of choosing the rings. So hurry to purchase wedding rings in our shop.

It was accepted earlier that the groom bought to the bride a wedding ring without her. Today, as a rule, couple goes to choose rings together. Still, unless the woman can refuse to herself an opportunity to plunge into the jewelry world from the LA Laser Engraving company. Wedding rings - it is so easy and pleasant since the company comprehensively cares for the clients.

Are you ready to choose the most important ornament in your life? Wedding rings from the LA Laser Engraving company is a worthy registration of endless love!

We recommend to glance in the section of 14k yellow gold wedding bands in our website catalog where you will be able easily to choose and in case of desire to purchase what will be pleasant to your eyes and heart.

The big range and exclusivity of products - with guarantee! LA Laser Engraving guaranty