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Fingerprint Engraving

LA laser engraving service is now able to turn any plain wedding band into a custom fingerprint engraved ring that will be exclusive for you and only you. Fingerprint engraved rings are one of the new trends in the wedding jewelry market. Celebs have, the riches have them and you can also order one after choosing one of our custom made rings from 7 magnificent categories. Our customers get a chance to customize their rings without paying a lot of money. Your fingerprints are unique, so why not make your ring unique as well by means of refined fingerprints engraving.

How do we do fingerprints engraving on jewelry

fingerprint engraving

We apply to the ring exact copies of your fingerprints. Prints will be scanned using special equipment. After scanning, you can see your fingerprints on the computer monitor on a larger scale and you will be able to choose the part of prints that will be transferred to your gold or platinum ring. Wedding rings with fingerprint engraving are unique and can be custom made by designers and this design reflects the whole courage and personality of the modern generation.

Technology of production of rings with fingerprints: such rings are made by sophisticated technology of casting. This technology means that your fingerprint is cast in a pre-fabricated form, together with the ring, and not applied to the engraving on the finished product, making it a fundamental and integral part of the ring. This print is durable and always looks more than just a ring, emphasizing your unique personality.

Our fingertip engraved rings are not just for decoration – exceptional ease, discreet and unique simultaneous output of these rings is absolutely another level of perception, breaking the previous ideas about the wedding bands. If the imprint is located on the outer side of the ring, it can be supplemented with two diamonds – in the beginning and the end of print. Very original idea came to one of our clients – he asked to place a stone on the ring couple at a distance of 10-11 mm from the edge of the print. In the end, it turned out that on one ring are aligned three rings at the same time – you can turn the ring to the top of the imprint, showing an unusual pattern, turn up quite a large diamond ring showing sophistication or simply turn it so that the visible was only the smooth side.

The fingerprint engraving can be placed on the outside or inside of the ring, in which case it will replace the engraving, which some young bought to make the ring more original. However, the fingerprint is not applied by laser engraving and casting method that allows us to talk about a higher quality of our precious metal based rings.