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14K White Gold Textured Wedding Band 6mm
Sale: $620.00
$820.00 $200.00 (24%)
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6mm 14K Gold Band, sectioned domed, brushed
Sale: $550.00
$990.00 $440.00 (44%)
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6mm Band, Wood design Milgraine edges
Sale: $600.00
$830.00 $230.00 (28%)
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6mm brushed band, zigzag grooved
Sale: $650.00
$850.00 $200.00 (24%)
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6mm brushed grooved band
Sale: $650.00
$870.00 $220.00 (25%)
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6mm Grooved Band, Polished Edges
Sale: $470.00
$670.00 $200.00 (30%)
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6mm Grooved Wedding Band, 14k Solid Gold
Sale: $450.00
$650.00 $200.00 (31%)
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6mm Mens Wedding Band, 14K White Gold
Sale: $550.00
$850.00 $300.00 (35%)
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6mm textured band
Sale: $450.00
$650.00 $200.00 (31%)
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6mm Wedding Band
Sale: $620.00
$850.00 $230.00 (27%)
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6mm Wedding Band 14K White Gold
Sale: $650.00
$870.00 $220.00 (25%)
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6mm Wedding Band Faceted Grooved Domed
Sale: $670.00
$880.00 $210.00 (24%)
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6mm Wedding Band with Faceted Squares Around
Sale: $460.00
$650.00 $190.00 (29%)
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6mm Wedding Band, Faceted, Milgrained
Sale: $500.00
$700.00 $200.00 (29%)
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Probe of gold in carats: 24 carats, the 18th carat, the 14th carat, the 12th carat, the 10th carat, the 9th carat, the 8th carat - import gold.

Import gold and tests in karat system of measurement: how to transfer metric probe to karat?

Test and brand.

Indicator of quality of a gold product is his test, i.e. quantitative content of gold in alloy from which ornament has been made (as it is known that aren't made of pure gold of a product). Probe of gold is determined in the legislative way and is guaranteed by the state. For this purpose, there are prints of assay brands which figures define test.

In Europe the metric system of probes used, in the West - karat is main system of measure. Besides, in the different countries assay brands of various forms and drawings are applied. What it is necessary to know about gold to buy qualitative ornament: how to distinguish gold from a fake.

What is carat? Tests of gold in carats. How to transfer metric test to karat?

Carat - a unit of measure of purity of gold alloy. The carat shows the same, as test, i.e. a gold share in jewelry alloy. A difference only that on import products are specified in brands the same test only measured in carats (from the 9th carat to the 24th carat). The international system of karat tests shows measurement of a weight share of gold in 24 weight units of alloy.

To count karat test in metric and vice versa you can use this ratio:

24: 1000 = Х: Y where X — karat test, and Y — metric.

Karat test is calculated by a formula: X = 24 * At: 1000

i.e. the 585th test is X = 24 * 585: 1000 = 14 Carat

thus to the 585th test there corresponds gold in 14 Carat

Metric test can be calculated by a formula: Y = 1000 * X: 24

i.e. 18 Carat are Y = 1000 * 18: 24 = 750th test

thus to the 18th karat gold there corresponds our 750th test

By simple calculations we receive:

24 Carat = 999th test = 100% gold alloy

18 Carat = the 750th test = 75% of gold in alloy

14 Carat = the 585th test = 58,5% of gold in alloy

12 Carat = the 500th test = 50% of gold in alloy

9 Carat = the 375th test = 37,5% of gold in alloy

8 Carat = the 333rd test = 33,3% of gold in alloy

There is a wish to note that the 18th karat gold is a high-standard group, gold in the 12 and 14 carat concerns to average group, and gold products in the 8 and 9 carat are a low-standard gold.

How karat test influences color of alloy?

The gold measured in carats can be different in color: yellow, pink, green... As karat test in different flowers of gold differs it is shown on a photo:

Import gold and gilding - learn to distinguish.

The import gold brought from Italy, Turkey, China, Switzerland, etc. countries, not always conforms to the USA standards, simply speaking, is not always a quality product. Often jewelry is imported into Russia, passing customs, and respectively and bodies of assay control. The statistics claims that more than 70% of import gold are counterfeit therefore it is necessary to be especially attentive in case of the choice of jewelry. Remember that import gold (even if it the present) is more fragile, respectively differs from domestic gold on structure and color - the majority of pieces of jewelry has yellow or white color and contains less copper.

As import gilding is defined, read the main ways of marking of gilded jewelry: rules of the choice of gilded jewelry and, it is OBLIGATORY TO READING, - what there are karat tests and brands on gilding.

We at LA Laser Engraving hoping this information were helpful to you. And now know what gold is what.