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How to choose gold ornament: golden rules to distinguish gold from a counterfeit or gilding - the guide to action.

According to Guild of jewelers about 40% of all jewelry in the market are counterfeit: false gold or artificial diamonds. The statistics is not optimistically. And if earlier, counterfeit gold was on sale in the market and under a counter, then now it is possible to purchase costume jewelry under the guise of precious metal and in "solid" jewelry store. False gold happens two types: the bijouterie alloy covered with gilding or alloy in which there is a gold, but not in enough (20-30%) the so-called «between sample», therefore is more difficult to distinguish it.

But, under conditions where the sale of counterfeit jewelry becomes widespread, you must be very careful and understand the basic concepts, such as gold jewelry and sample stamp - to be able to distinguish gold from forgery.

So, the first thing to look for when choosing jewelry made of gold?
Buying decoration, whether - gold or other precious metals, the first thing you must note - this stigma and the sample. trial and stamps standards set by the state. Below are examples of modern and Soviet stigma of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Please note that the stigma of precious metals are different in shape. 

For gold - is stamp in the form of blades and the following trial standards (left - Soviet version, right - modern stamp).

For silver - stamp in the form of barrel samples and standards.


For platinum - Formula octahedron and such trial standards.

For palladium - stamp in the form of a bullet and the following samples.

Important! In addition to checking the mark, be sure to carefully inspect the product, not only outside, but also the "wrong side", that too should be smooth, without pores and inclusions, highly polished, or das not have presentation.

Let us examine in detail, how do stamp looks.

Hallmarks on decoration puts Assay Office (the authority checks the product - made of gold, platinum, silver and other precious metals established by government standards, that monitors the quality of the jewelry.). 

European stamp. In the center - always a girl in the headdress, on the right - the numbers of the sample, the left - the letter of the inspection, supplied the control (in this case, Munich). Most importantly, a brand must be clear and that is parallel to the portion of the article on which it is located (not perpendicular, not obliquely, namely parallel!), The numbers of the sample must be flat. Compliance with these standards ensures that a brand is not a fake, but these rules do not apply to Nominally, which puts on the manufacturer. If the product is present on the list of names and the manufacturer, and a brand Assay Office - is a good chance are that it is a quality product. 

Imported gold. In jewelry imported (specified sample of gold shown in carats) next to the native brand of mandatory (by law) to put the stamp of the Assay Office, confirming the conformity of the sample. If not available, the decoration is not worth buying. Especially it is not recommended to buy gold abroad, here probability to buy gold plated alloy or gold alloy low sample increased by several times.


Need to know: to describe carat sample next to the numbers, the letter "K" (carat) - see picture. Abbreviation «KGP» indicates that the product is gilded ( «karat gold platted» - carat gold coating).

Be careful! In some stores you can find gold jewelry 583 samples (they may have of the old stock and have been made even in the Soviet period), they allegedly can safely acquire, because in those days there was virtually no fake gold. However, it is believed that the territorial bodies of the Assay Office are preserved after the collapse of the USSR with all necessary equipment for stamping, which is now used in the production of fake gold. Therefore, 583 sample - not always a guarantee of quality.

As well as it is necessary, from each rule there are exceptions. Availability of a brand – not always a quality indicator. The majority of jewelry undergo the state control according to the simplified scheme: several products from a batch are checked, in certain cases testing is undergone by only the upper layer of a product. Besides, there are handymen who, without regard to criminal liability, brand Assay chamber or on a gilded chain (bracelet) solder a gold lock with this brand. Taking these factors into consideration, even the aware person can sometimes purchase low-quality ornament, and ignorant – and there is a target audience of well smoothly running business. And it is possible to minimize these risks, having only armed with the necessary information and following these recommendations.

Thus, considering that the Russian market of a jewelry is filled with false products which to determine rather difficult, and at times it is impossible (if only you not the experienced jeweler), it is necessary to buy gold jewelry of the Russian plants or Western firms which well proved and value reputation and the clients. The price of such jewelry, perhaps, not absolutely seduces, but, according to experts, probability to purchase a counterfeit practically to be reduced to zero. Remember the rule: cheap high-quality gold doesn't happen.

If you already purchased ornament and began to doubt its authenticity, don't spend time for check in house conditions (only you will spoil a product), independently it is impossible to determine a counterfeit since any of methods won't yield 100% result. Address the experienced jeweler better or in a pawnshop where to you will quickly and cheap determine metal of which jewel is made.

Silver fake.
It is considered that aren't engaged in counterfeiting of silver jewelry, in view of rather inexpensive metal price. However, this opinion is wrong. Today a counterfeit of jewelry (whether it be gold or silver) – extremely profitable business that is caused by several reasons: for production difficult technologies and the big areas, cost value of production of forgeries ridiculous aren't necessary (without speaking about revenue from sales), convenience when transporting (at the expense of weight and the size of products). Pay attention, upon purchase of silver products buyers aren't inclined to inspect carefully goods at all, and even concepts have no many what tests of silver exist. Unfair producers also use it.

Silver – one of methods of sale of counterfeits under the guise of precious metal. On this brass costume jewelry (at best the print imitating a brand which misleads buyer’s costs silvered). Therefore, upon purchase of silver jewelry it is also necessary to inspect a brand and figures of test (evident information is provided in the beginning of article), it is better to be reassured once again.

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