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Men's White Gold Wedding Band

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14K White Gold Textured Wedding Band 6mm
Sale: $620.00
$820.00 $200.00 (24%)
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6mm 14K Gold Band, sectioned domed, brushed
Sale: $550.00
$990.00 $440.00 (44%)
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6mm Band, Wood design Milgraine edges
Sale: $600.00
$830.00 $230.00 (28%)
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6mm brushed grooved band
Sale: $650.00
$870.00 $220.00 (25%)
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6mm Grooved Band, Polished Edges
Sale: $470.00
$670.00 $200.00 (30%)
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6mm textured band
Sale: $450.00
$650.00 $200.00 (31%)
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6mm Wedding Band Faceted Grooved Domed
Sale: $670.00
$880.00 $210.00 (24%)
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6mm White Gold band
Sale: $650.00
$870.00 $220.00 (25%)
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8mm Brushed Wedding Band with Polished Edges
Sale: $900.00
$1,200.00 $300.00 (25%)
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8mm Faceted Textured Band
Sale: $950.00
$1,300.00 $350.00 (27%)
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8mm Wedding Band
Sale: $730.00
$1,600.00 $870.00 (54%)
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8mm Wedding Band diagonal brushed
Sale: $800.00
$1,500.00 $700.00 (47%)
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8mm Wedding Band with Polished Milgrained Edges
Sale: $780.00
$1,500.00 $720.00 (48%)
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Brushed Tungsten Ring 6mm Grooved
Sale: $620.00
$900.00 $280.00 (31%)
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grooved 6mm golden band
Sale: $580.00
$790.00 $210.00 (27%)
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Polished 14K White Gold Wedding Band Domed
Sale: $590.00
$830.00 $240.00 (29%)
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As one of the few items of jewelry that a man is willing to wear, his wedding band should reflect his personal sense of style and his personality. Most men are averse to wearing very loud or showy accessories and would rather don a piece that is subtle in its sophistication.

A men’s white gold wedding band accomplishes all these things.

What is White Gold?

Pure gold is reddish-yellow in appearance. Gold of any other color is created as a result of two conditions:

  • Combination with metals like silver or copper. A higher percentage of silver makes the alloy more white; more copper makes it appear more red..
  • Surface treatments like oxidation. The gold will take on the color of the oxidizing material..

White gold can be created by allowing gold with white metals like nickel, manganese, platinum or palladium. Rhodium plating is often used to enhance the white quality.

The unique refined look of white gold makes it the perfect material for wedding bands for men.

Balancing Budgets

Gold is, of course, the classic material for a wedding ring. A plain white gold ring can still be relatively cheap and cost you under 200, while elaborate ones with diamonds can cost much more. One of the chief factors that affect the price is the purity of the gold.

Pure gold (99.9% or better) is known as 24k gold. 10k and 14k gold contain 10 parts and 14 parts in 24 respectively, and the lower the purity, the more affordable the ring.

Men’s rings generally have a wider band than women’s. 6mm and 8mm bands are typical and narrower bands may not look quite as appealing on a male hand.

At LA Laser Engraving of Los Angeles, we carry an exclusive range of designs that are created specifically for men. Every purchase comes with a complimentary engraving of a message of your choice on the ring.