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Wedding ... It is a solemn event, which are carefully prepared and are awaiting by the couples, and also by their parents and friends. Not that long ago they were just guy and her girlfriend dieting and now they are engaged couple, and planning a wedding.  All weddings chores are shrouded in romantic and desire to provide all the details as distinctly much as possible. This also applies to the selection of wedding dresses bride and groom, order of the banquet hall, and writing and sending out invitations to a wedding celebration. However, in the pre-wedding bustle of an event akin to the peculiar ritual - it is a chose and buy wedding rings.

Mandatory attribute in the wedding ritual of Christians wedding rings become only at 900 year or if to speak correctly about 900 year. In the Christian canon, wedding rings should be simple, without any frills. In Orthodoxy decided to wear a wedding ring on his right hand, and in Catholicism - on the left. In pre-Christian times, along with a wedding ring husband handed to his girlfriend, or frankly speaking to his future bride a key in a sign that it he trusts her and he agreed that she belongs with him and as obligation he wants to create, keep and share home with her.

According to the charter of the 15th century church the groom was supposed to wear an iron ring even when he just made a proposal to his girlfriend and they got engaged, it was symbol of his power, and the bride wear golden ring, it mean here tenderness and purity. So starting from 15th century couples for marriage has to prepare set of 2 rings one for her and the other for him. Since 1775, according to the requirements of the church, as a sign of the belonging and obligations before church, husband was obliged no more to wear a metal rings, instead for future husbands has become the golden rings as a symbol of new beginning and as for future wife’s golden ring was no longer obligatory no more instead were a given a choice to select from gold ring, silver or iron.

Nowadays almost forgotten the so-called "language of the Rings", which existed from ancient times, when using a ring worn by a certain finger, others provide information on the status of its owner. Further I’ll try to present to you a set of explanation fingers vs rings:

So, on the little finger golden ring meant that the holder is free, but the marriage is not yet ready, on the ring finger golden ring symbolized the presence of a lover or beloved. Middle finger, golden ring decorated, singled man experienced in love affairs, and the ring worn on the index finger, meant that his owner in search and really wants to find a future life partner.

In Russia, the silver ring on his right hand were a girl of marriageable age, the same ring on the right meant that the girl was already betrothed. Gold ring on his right hand were married, on his left hand - divorced. Two rings on his left hand, and her husband were widows.

Besides all that, there were a very important rings that we did not spoked about yet, that’s write pre engagement ring or how they called promise engagement rings. So what about that you might ask…. That is most important part of your future relations.

On a dating phase when couple is ready to step up to the next level, fiancé has to make a step or figuratively speaking Hi has to make a proposal to her girlfriend, and from that how proposal was made girlfriend will say “yes” or could even say “no”. So let us get down to proposal or promise rings. Nowadays there is a great selection of any type of rings for any circumstances, any occasion and most important for almost any wallet, they are made of different precious metals such as gold, platinum etc. and can be decorated with precious stones.

As for my opinion, if you really in love with your girlfriend, and for true want to tie yours lives, you have to be generous to her, because you like no other knows that she so worth it. So I think you should make a great proposal, you have to give her promise ring that good, so she filed on wings of happiness in that very moment you asked her to become your wife. For shore king and quine for such moments are gold promise rings with diamonds, that screams much louder than any words, and despite that women loves with her ears, this is only occasion when no words needed.

Belief says that the rings after wedding can’t be removed from hands of married couple, because "if the ring will cooled – love will cooled to", and "if the ring is lost - love will be lost, too."