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Moissanite carat range 0 ct
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Band width 6 mm.
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Wedding ... ceremonial and touching, joyful and memorable - this event will be the beginning of a joint life of two loving people. The preparatory phase of the wedding celebration includes the selection and purchase of wedding bands. Wedding rings symbolize the birth of a new family, becoming not only link two loving hearts, but also to unite the souls of lovers.

How to choose wedding bands: Ours recommendations!

  • When choosing wedding bands is necessary, first of all, to determine the color of the metal from which they are made. The traditional metal used to make wedding rings out of red gold. But more and more young couples prefer to gold and other colors such as white, yellow gold or combined version. You have to pick between white gold wedding bands or white and yellow gold wedding bands or gold and diamond wedding bands or even plain white gold wedding bands.
  • The second criterion, which pay attention to all the newlyweds, is the appearance of the ring. There are two types of designs of wedding bands - a classical and decorative patterns. Classical - a smooth wedding rings, Decorative - uses ornaments, engravers or inlay.
  • It is important, to knowing what width of engagement ring you looking for, and then buy. Distinguish narrow ring having a width of 2 to 4 mm, medium - from 4 to 6 mm wide and wedding rings - from 6 to 8 mm. On thin female fingers look very pretty narrow or, on the contrary, the broad rings.
  • Men are more suitable wedding rings average width. Also on men’s hand have very nice look thick ring, made of solid metal such as silver, white gold or yellow gold another words ring made out plain metal. But the final choice depends on your personal preferences.
  • Choosing a wedding ring pay attention to his profile, that is ring-shaped in cross-section, of it will depend on the comfort of wearing the product on a finger. Most models of wedding rings have a flat inner and outer profile rounded. Now very popular are engagement rings with external and internal rounded profile.
  • When choosing a pair of wedding rings, many newlyweds make their choice in favor of exclusive jewelry with meaning. Such symbols wedding rings are a model on which are engraved the names or the date of the marriage, as well as any other character, known only to the two of them. Many newlyweds making their choice for diamonds and I have to admit is is very beautiful choice. There are also a super combination of precious stones and precious metals, for example:  gold and diamond wedding bands, diamond white gold wedding bands.

Wedding bands- connect two hearts.

Online stores now offer newlyweds to see the entire range of wedding rings, choose and order and buy your favorite model out of thousands of proposed. There are rings for any occasion starting from proposal rings to wedding bands from simple models to very complicated, from silver to gold, any combination of gold and diamonds, from white stones to rose, from thick to thin also plane and color mix rings, etc. and all this without leaving your home with help of Internet. Number of collections just phenomenal, they are products that are made by hand from white or yellow (red) gold and confirmed by the relevant certificates. Today, we as a conscientious seller, we offer a variety of unique models and therefore you should not fear that such jewelry you will find on someone else.

If you do not like the intricate delights jewelers, and you appreciate organic compound imperishable classics, elegance and style then stop your choice on the rings from classic collections. Most ladies like bands with diamonds also very popular are white gold wedding bands, white and yellow gold wedding bands, plain white gold wedding bands and top is women’s white gold wedding bands.

Pair Wedding rings - it's originality, sophistication and appeal. Among the pair rings you will find rings in the form of crowns, if you wish, you can engrave your wedding date, there are exquisite patterns inlaid with precious stones, with inscriptions such as "I love you" wedding rings, made a kind of technique of weaving, engraving, clear drawing of the ornament, it is a kind of mix elitism and subtlety presented jewelry and much more design options for a variety of thoughts and fantasies.

Solar sparkling with all the colors of the rainbow wedding rings - such products prefer cheerful newlyweds who love the shimmer of precious stones combined with an unusual engraving. On the other hand, if you like products in the ethnic style on which are engraved folk ornaments, spikes and other elements of folk art our online shop will be able to offer you a huge number of models that meet your needs. Very lovely looks diamond white gold wedding bands with solid diamond with cuts on it.