Women's Rose Gold Wedding Band

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Ring material
Ring style
Metal color
Moissanite carat range 0 ct
Diamond carat range 0 ct.
Gold Karat
Band width 6 mm.
Ring size 5

What could be more beautiful than the exquisite ring on woman's hand?

The weaker sex has long tended love to wear jewelry. This made it possible for every woman feel attractive and desirable, regardless of age. The ancient Egyptians preferred to wear gold rings, jeweled, and notable Roman is a real fashionistas and, in order to keep up with the other ladies, always ordered husbands to buy women's rings of gold with emeralds, sapphires or rubies, which in those days were worth fabulous money, same motivation stud up for rings for special occasions such as engagement it is  pre engagement or promise engagement rings with diamonds or sapphires that woman’s of all around the globe wishing to have shining on theirs ring fingers most.

Today, the ring is considered the main symbol of eternal love, of conjugal fidelity, the infinity of time and family equality. Therefore, a man who wants to show his beloved deep feelings and sincere intention in the first place gives her the ring of precious metal for such important moments in life as wedding and engagement are.

Beautiful woman’s ring: how to choose the right one just for you

The ring that you are planning to present a young girl, to be gentle and petite. No massive jewels or intricate designs - in this case, welcome elegant simplicity. Perfect model in silver or white gold, symbolizing the youth and freshness. If present in the ring insert of precious or semi-precious stones, they should also differ elegance and accuracy.

For middle-aged women should choose the volume of the ring with a marked stone. This decoration will become a symbol of excellent taste and elegance. But the more mature ladies prefer jewelery of larger sizes, which has always attracted the attention of others.

Choose you ring in white or yellow gold, with or without stones, in a traditional or modern style - most importantly, to the arm of his future mistress, it looked perfect.

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