Women's White Gold Wedding Band

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Metal color
Stone type
Stone color
Stone shape
Moissanite carat range 0 ct
Diamond carat range 0 ct.
Diamond clarity
Gold Karat
Band width 5 mm.
Ring size 4
6mm brushed band, zigzag grooved
Sale: $650.00
6mm Wedding Band
Sale: $620.00
6mm Wedding Band 14K White Gold
Sale: $650.00
8mm Golden Band
Sale: $900.00
8mm Polished Domed Milgrained Edges
Sale: $850.00
8mm Wood Grooved Milgrained Edges
Sale: $799.00

White gold, most beautiful metal.

The jewelry online store LA Laser Engraving offers a wide choice of the jewelry inlaid with precious semi-precious stones and also the wide range of products without inserts. Rings from white gold belong to jewelry of a premium class and today are at the height of fashion and popularity. In particular, it concerns jewelry with stones: faultless gloss of precious metal is capable to emphasize their beauty very favorably. The princess engagement rings made of white gold are perfectly combined with sapphires, topazes, emeralds, diamonds and other stones. Besides, alloy differs in magnificent quality and durability.

White gold of 585 probe contains 58,5% of pure gold and a ligature of alloy of other metals (silver, palladium, platinum, nickel, zinc, copper, cadmium) thanks to which at gold and such beautiful and unusual shade turns out. White gold – really royal metal which looks really nobly and aristocratically and besides possesses fine jewelry characteristics.

Ornament for women with faultless taste

Now more and more women prefer to wear stylish original jewelry which would help them to express the identity and effectively would allocate them against the background of others. Golden princess cut diamond engagement rings white gold is ideal for this purpose and can become a great addition to your image. Especially as on the beauty and elegance jewelry of this color of metal successfully competes with jewelry of yellow and red shades. If you decided to purchase a ring from white gold, then you will precisely find in the catalog of our LA Laser Engraving online store for yourself something really suitable. At us it is possible to purchase beautiful jewelry which can be worn every day such as princess cut halo engagement ring or to add with them a magnificent festive dress.

How to look after rings from white gold?

Than well white gold? The fact that unlike silver, it doesn't darken. The only thing that can happen to it, so is that metal only slightly will lose the initial gloss, however and this problem is easily solvable. Jewelry from white gold which has lost the gloss can be given to a workshop on the repeated procedure of radioing or just polishing. If you want to clean decoration of the house independently, use usual soap solution and a soft toothbrush. Also, it is possible to buy special cosmetics for jewelry which will help to keep their beauty most long.