Yellow gold diamond wedding bands

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Did yours heart has founded its beloved, which made you worthy of a marriage proposal, gave first gift to the engagement, made a surprise from which heart trembled - then we can prepare for the wedding and choose wedding rings! What a wedding without the rings, which since ancient times are not simply objects of decoration, symbolizing true love and unity of two hearts, but also the connection of two "I" into one "we".

Whence came the rite of betrothal?

A few centuries ago, there was a tradition, when the young man gave a ring with a stone as indication of his wellness, and as a sign of his fillings to that girl, and she did graciously accept it, in that time yellow gold were popular, especially priceworthy were yellow gold wedding bands with diamonds. This was a prerequisite for serious relationship and matchmaking as a sign of his seriousness man gave her yellow gold diamond wedding band.

The very history of proposing rings has very ancient roots in the mists of time. Women also gave the ring after the birth of the child, because the circle in all religions is an eternity and rebirth. But wedding rings betrayed special mystical significance of marriage immortality. Loss, destruction of the ring before the wedding and after the wedding was considered a harbinger of misfortune. Therefore, the ring cherished and never wear on other women’s hands.

In the ancient Greek manuscripts, it was noted that at the time of the pharaohs in ancient Egypt wore the ring on the ring finger of his left hand ring were made from a thin gold wires back then. This custom was the Romans, who believed that from this finger goes straight to the heart signal. Besides the ring on the left hand does not interfere with the use of arms in the battle. For warriors and pure people’s rings were made of spun hemp and reeds.

Metal rings come in Ancient Rome later when engagement with the groom gave her bride a ring of metal in the house of her parents and promised to keep it worthy of its status. Engagement and Wedding Ring in Russia has its own cultural and ethnic roots. Wedding ring believed, offered to the engagement. And if the bride did not reject the groom, the wedding ring she wore to the wedding of his right hand. Only at the wedding groom replaced him for the wedding ring. A wedding ring could be worn with a wedding ring. Since 1755 the Holy Synod joined engagement and wedding. It should be noted that in the Christian world of wedding ceremony with rings has been described over 900 years, and he came from the East. At present, the tradition has changed little, and instead of the groom wedding ring can make an exclusive gift or beat a marriage proposal as he tells his own fantasy and the real situation.

Engagement ring is very changed over its long history. From simple rings without ornaments made of cloth, iron, copper ring came to the noble metal form all kind of gold to platinum. This is due to the fact that if the circle has a value of eternity and infinity, the metal bears the symbol of nobility, purity and inviolability. Superstar of rings deservedly become diamond wedding bands and yellow gold.

Exterior rings in different countries varied in their own way: the design of the ring could be elaborately engraved, coupled with other metals or studded with precious stones. Wedding ring could consist of several rings with diamond - stone of the present, past and future. The Mediterranean ancient cultures grooms gave the girls puzzle rings, checking their IQ on ingenuity. Basically, it was silver and gold rings. Today jewelers produce custom ceramic rings, various alloys, titanium, zirconium and platinum.

Form a ring attached at different times almost mystical significance.

Dressing the bride, the groom gave the promise to be faithful, sincere love and take care of her until the last days.

Round endows the ring to symbolize eternal love in Russia, and in Egypt, personified the moon and the sun.

The ring symbolizes the eternal bond, so in some countries, the groom twined herbs, cloth and rope hands and feet of his wife to her vital energy is not leaked out of the body. Since the time of the capture of Egypt by Alexander the Great Greeks believed that the ring on the ring finger is directly connected to a vein of the heart, even though we know that veins in the fingers there. This custom is passed on to the Romans and to Russia. But in the Orthodox Kievan Rus ring were not on the left and on the right hand.

Circle of branches and plants to dress up the tribe’s bride’s fingers guaranteed them respect and love in the house of the groom. Only later did people have replaced the plants on the bone and a metal or a tattoo done on her finger.

Ring in ancient Rome was a symbol of obedience. Passing the ring for the bride, the groom did not ask about her love - he bought his future wife, the bride's father.

Rings puzzle, as a pledge of fidelity to their wives, brides wore on more than 2000 years ago, the young men of the Middle and Far East. They cannot be removed - structure crumbled and collect it could only master.

In the knights' period of the groom wore an iron ring, and the bride -gold ring as a symbol of her purity and tenderness Pope Nicholas with 860 a year and allow engagement engraved and ornate rings.

Rings for the rich and poor were made worldwide of: stone, yellow gold, leather, shells, bones, iron, silver and platinum, and also different combinations of precious metals and precious stones such as: yellow gold diamond wedding bands, yellow gold wedding bands with diamonds, diamond wedding bands yellow gold, those are the best premium garments.

Crossfaded men massively spread in Europe in the late 40s. Before this man was undivided owner in the family and was not wearing a wedding ring.

Round smooth gold rings will always remain timeless classics. They - a sanctuary for young people who are in difficult times will not leave each other.

Creative nature choosing diamond rings. These pairs are cheerful, sociable and eager for luxury and comfort. It is believed that the diamond makes the woman more feminine and a man - confident and healthy, and such combinations are best of the best yellow gold and diamond bends, yellow gold wedding bands with diamonds, diamond wedding bands yellow gold.

The symbol of the purity of feelings are considered consecrated gold rings engraved with "Save and Protect". Romantic experimental ring of several metals, entwined and engraved with precious stones, and without them, talk about the impulsive couples swept aside tradition and arranged marriage unconventionally, in their canons and concepts.