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6mm 14K Gold Band, Sectioned Domed, Brushed

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Product Details
6mm 14K Gold Band, Sectioned Domed, Brushed
Metal options: 14k Gold, 18k Gold, Palladium, or Platinum
Metal Color Options: White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold
Finish: High Polish / Brushed / Grooved
Style: Domend
Ring Width: 6mm
Ring Fit: Comfort Fit
Approx. 14k Gold weight: 7.9g

14K gold band, sectioned, domed and brushed,6 mm wide has a fine contrast of satin finishing surface and high polished edges. Brushed top with refined slash grooves is surrounded with polished and brushed stripes at both sides. Thereby the unique effect of stripes alternation is created. Somewhat rounded edges ensure the convenient fit, inner surface is a proper spot for personal laser engraving that reminds you about the special day in the life.

White gold is a jewellery alloy of solid gold and such ingredients as palladium, silver, nickel and platina due to their lightening effects. Nickel is used as a part of white gold alloy most of all. The reason is glorious lightening properties of this metal. 18 kt gold-nickel alloy looks like platina. White gold alloy with nickel has only one disadvantage. Some people are susceptible to allergic reaction with this metal. Above band will be the best men’s gift for an anniversary/ wedding party symbolizing eternal love and prosperity.

Shop 14 K gold band, sectioned, domed and brushed, 6 mm wide. Order by phone (213) 266 0062!

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