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Black Brushed Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band With Stepped Edge 6 mm

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$150.00 $75.00

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Product Code: LA-S0056
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It fits perfectly!
We chose a tungsten version because we liked the comfortable fit, and the price was nice, too. So far, we are 100% satisfied with the purchase. The bands are very beautiful and practical, we wear them for more than a year. They are very light, and we sometimes even don’t feel them at all. This is a very convenient option that will not disappoint you. We’d recommend everybody to pay attention to this design, since it is an excellent alternative to expensive jewelry.

  • Location:: San Carlos, CA

Thank you!
Me and my fiancé used to wear golden rings, but I was allergic to this metal. We decided to opt for tungsten, and we immediately liked its design. It also turned out that it was inexpensive. We were pleasantly surprised by the practicality of the item – there are no marks or scratches on the surface even after heavy impact. The material does not cause allergies, which is very important in my case. I’d recommend everyone to buy such inexpensive jewelry that looks more modern than the old rings.

  • Location:: Sacramento CA

Just recently, I bought such a band for my fiancé, and I was 100% satisfied wit the result. The band is practical and was quite inexpensive. My attention was attracted by an unusual design. All parts of the accessory were made with great precision and skill, so I can recommend everyone to buy such bands. They are inexpensive, but they look very attractive. My fiancé and I are happy with them.

  • Location:: La California

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Product Details
Black Brushed Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band With Stepped Edge 6 mm
Metal: Tungsten Carbide
Color: Black Plating
Finish: Brushed / Polished
Style: Flat / Stepped Edge
Ring Width: 6mm
Ring Height: 2.4mm
Ring Fit: Comfort Fit
Approx. weight: 12g

Tungsten brushed wedding band is a combination of utility and attractiveness. This model is resistant to scratches and other damage. It will keep its form over the years. The band looks bright, but not too glittery, it suits both everyday wear and various special occasions. Different colors of this piece of jewelry complement each other and at the same time give the band a unique style.

The tungsten brushed band has polished edges that are mirrored. The 6 mm pitch of this model provides an additional convenience for the person who wears the jewelry.

Tungsten brushed band is stylish and inexpensive, so everyone can afford to buy it. It perfectly tolerates interaction with external irritants that leave no scratches or other damage marks on the piece of jewelry itself. It is a guarantee you will enjoy its shiny surface for many years. This model does not require extra care and will appeal to all lovers of beauty and luxury.

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