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Gold Dragon Polished Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band 8 mm Wide with Beveled Edge

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$170.00 $85.00

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Product Code: LA-S0060
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Delivered quickly.
I have long wanted to make a gift to my beloved and could not find a suitable jewelry. I decided to choose the tungsten variant, since it immediately caught my attention with its design and a fairly attractive price. This accessory looks really expensive and attractive, while it has a lot of advantages (from price to light weight). I have never regretted buying it, so I can confidently call this model a universal option that you’ll definitely like.

  • Location:: Pomona, CA

This ring just struck me. I decided that me and my husband will buy them for the wedding! And so it happened, and now we have been together for several years, and the band is a true symbol of our love. It looks like a work of art. Moreover, this ring is very convenient to use, and it does not cause irritation or any other discomfort. I can surely say that it was the right decision to buy it, it proves its rationality even a few years later. The quality is amazing, we were pleasantly surprised by this.

  • Location:: Stockton, CA

Absolutely perfect.
Many modern rings are very heavy, but I immediately liked this band because of its practicality and at the same time the light weight of the model. I wear this band for several years. There are no visible external marks or other signs that it is not suitable for further use. Moreover, the fact that such a model does not irritate the skin is very important to me, so I do not feel any discomfort. I recommend this accessory to anyone who does not want to spend a lot of money, but at the same time wants to create a truly unique image. I am sure that you will not regret buying it, you will also look better than those who choose golden rings.

  • Location:: Baldwin Park, CA

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Product Details
Gold Dragon Polished Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band 8 mm Wide with Beveled Edge
Metal: Tungsten Carbide
Color: Gun Metal / Gray / Yellow
Finish: Polished
Style: Flat / Beveled Edge
Ring Width: 8mm
Ring Height: 2.4mm
Ring Fit: Comfort Fit
Approx. weight:

Bio-compatible and hypoallergenic cobalt free tungsten jewelry is famous for its reliability, endurance, and safety.

This bold 8mm gold ring features an ornate dragon against the gold background-a modern look with a timeless symbol. It is scratch and wear resistant, so make no doubt the ring will not lose its appeal over time. The polished surface looks really great, with the beveled edge adding style to the ring.

If you are fond of gold and anxious for your ring to be original, you will definitely take a fancy for this variant. The band also allows of laser engraving to make it special and unique.

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