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Laser Engraving

Laser engraving, also called by specialists as “etching”, stands for a non-contact technique removing the surface of the engraved material of a certain object in order to create an image of a permanent character. Comparing to traditional engraving, laser-cutting engraving remains to be the appropriate not exclusively for some soft metals like gold or silver. However, specialists from our LA laser engraving services can also produce great examples of laser etching for jewelry of harder materials like rings, earrings, bracelets and watches.

How do we work?

Our laser engraving work will be applied to curved and flat surfaces with high-end and intensive precision. Such procedures prevent any damages on engraved pieces due to the use of a top-notch laser engraving machine. Laser engraving in our company can be applied on whatever you want. The most important aspect of any business is branding – so you can engrave your business logo in metal by means of our etching service in LA. Our customers get any laser engraving parts only of high quality and use special equipment for fine work with them.

We also make private gifts like jewelry presents with laser cutting engraving for your milestones (births, anniversaries, weddings and any dates that mean a lot to you). Use our LA laser engraving service to make very personal accessories to make them even more personal and unique. Laser engraving machines can be applied on electronic devices like iPads, iPods, iPhones and Macbooks with personal images and texts. The possibilities of our LA laser engraving services are actually endless.

Why to choose our laser engraving in LA from us?

1. Diversity of laser engraving materials and objects we work with in our laser engraving service in LA – soft and harder metals (even titanium).We provide laser engraving accurately and quickly on cobalt, gold, platinum, tungsten, titanium, ceramic pieces of jewelry and accessories.

2. Exclusive etching and custom laser engraving (including fingerprint engraving on objects). With our laser engraving service in LA you can easily personalize a wedding ring or a jewelry piece for your friend or lover.

3. We are a certified and specialist laser engraving business working all over Los Angeles and county. We have special laser engraving machines for fine work and exact cutting. Our engraving etching laser is operated professionally so you can be sure in accuracy of our work and safety of your jewelry piece. We offer only hand laser engraving.

4. We do care about environment. That is why our entire laser cutting engraving equipment is 100% safe for environment. No harmful laser engraving materials are used during work; our methods for marking times are environmentally friendly.

5. Only our LA laser engraving services provide expressive marking of items with outstanding turnaround time. We understand that you may require your jewelry piece quickly to make sure it will be at your hands for a special event ASAP. We can accept orders for multiple items with the same laser engraving as well as for more personalized pieces with hand and custom-made etching with an accurate laser-engraving machine.


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