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When it comes to getting Jewelry pieces which have excellent quality, LA Laser Engraving is one you can count on. During the process of manufacturing, the rings are properly checked, to ensure that they do not harbor any flaw before they are transported to any given location.

We make bold to tell you that if you are unsatisfied after purchasing any of our products, you can return it and even get a refund which comes with a restocking fee of 20%, if it is within the first 30 days.

Tungsten rings guarantee

When you buy your ring, it is automatically listed with an inclusive warranty which lasts for a very long time. Asides the fact that the manufacturing defects are catered for, accidental defects are also covered for 20% off
So, if there is any damage, do send it back, and trust us to find a replacement which comes with shipping and packaging discount of 20%.

It is conventionally known that replacement metal rings such as ceramic, tungsten carbide, titanium, and cobalt chrome are very hard. Moreso, they cannot be reduced in size, and the warranty for this also comes with a resizing policy.
We would give you another ring with the same fee of 20% for packaging and resizing. If you want to customize your ring, you would have to pay for it too.

About most scratch resistant rings

One fact you should note is, when it comes to the most scratch resistant rings, Tungsten rings are at the forefront. However, they can still be scratched by non-metallic materials which include rocks, sapphires, and diamonds.

Hence, it can be normal to say that scratches are considered normal, as they do not affect the quality of the ring.

Black Tungsten rings are glazed with alloy to change their color to black. However, they can scratch off with time. The warranty does not cater for the black Tungsten rings coating.

In a number of cases, the engraving does not annul the warranty, and when you want us to replace your ring, the warranty in place does not cater for re-engraving. When it comes to the payment of shipping fees for sending the ring for the purpose of warranty, it is the full duty of the customer.