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Ring material
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Metal color
Moissanite carat range 0 ct
Diamond carat range 0 ct.
Gold Karat
Band width 2 mm.
Ring size 5

Rings have been masculine for pretty much entire human history. For centuries, men have worn them to signal commitment, wealth, association, and status. They can send the message across that you are part of a congenial brotherhood, that you are not single, or that you are from some different culture. Furthermore mens rings, are a wonderful gift for any occasion. So when buying such rings, you must make an ideal purchase that is comfortable to wear and also fits within the budget.

La Laser Engraving not only offers classical men rings options, but also offers laser engraving service at an economical price. The inscription itself is a seamless design by our state-of-the-art-technology. The engraving size is printed professionally, and the inscription size is adjusted according to the surface area. Our engraving is much more defined and appears darker on alloys and precious metals. Furthermore, several symbols and fonts are available, and any image can be done, as long as we can get it into the appropriate file format.

What makes our services so unique is the fact that we try to create exquisite styles. When we create a laser engraved ring, our skilled and experienced technicians begin with a basic band, and then shape it to match the specifications chosen by the client, such as the desired width and size of their ring. We then take it through our laser engraver that fires an extremely small but extremely powerful beam of light photons at its surface area.

The durability and quality of our mens rings, stands out from the rest. The engraving does not smudge, wear off or flake- it becomes part of the metal itself. By combining the enthralling qualities of pure metals, the precision power of our exquisite laser engraver, and the aesthetic skills of our experienced craftsmen, we are able to make eye-catching 21 st century designs customized exclusively for each client.