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6mm Brushed Grooved Band

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$870.00 $650.00

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Product Code: LA-G1008
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Product Details
6mm Brushed Grooved Band
Metal options: 14k Gold, 18k Gold, Palladium, or Platinum
Metal Color Options: White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold
Finish: High Polish / Brushed / Grooved
Style: Flat
Ring Width: 6mm
Ring Fit: Comfort Fit
Approx. 14k Gold weight: 6.8g

Gold band, brushed, grooved with polished edges. 6 mm wide is an elegant band for engagement/ wedding party, the band has a classic form with modern hint. Band with carefully milled checkered pattern on the brushed top has an original and unusual design. Such a wedding band looks like a classic jewellery and a fashion trend simultaneously. Polished beveled edges complete the above band exterior that may become a family heirloom in time. Somewhat rounded edges and slightly domed inner surface ensure comfort fit and wear. This stylish band has an expressive unisex vibe, it looks well as a wedding set, fits for stylish bride and groom, it will appropriate as an engagement ring too.

White gold band looks fine and elegant standing out against yellow and loud pure gold and will cost less due to wide range of discounts provided by LALaser Jewelry company.

Buy gold band, brushed, grooved with polished edges 6 mm wide for $ 650.00. The excellent price for quality product.

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