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6mm Gold Band with Diamond Cut Textured Faceted Edges

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$670.00 $480.00

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Product Code: LA-G1015
Product Details
6mm Gold Band with Diamond Cut Textured Faceted Edges
Metal options: 14k Gold, 18k Gold, Palladium, or Platinum
Metal Color Options: White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold
Finish: High Polish / Textured / Grooved
Style: Flat / Faceted
Ring Width: 6mm
Ring Fit: Comfort Fit
Approx. 14k Gold weight: 5.7g

Gold band with diamond cut, textured faceted edges, 6 mm wide impresses by combination of two original styles in diamond cut. Two various patterns of diamond cutting express the identity of newlyweds. Beautiful band with faceted edges looks like perfectly as on tender woman hand and on man one. Rounded edges’ ends ensure the suitable fit and inner surface is a proper spot for free laser engraving to customers unique ideas. Such a wedding band always appears as new one because some scratches and micro damages remain unnoticed on the diamond cut surface.

White gold is a jewellery alloy of solid gold and at least one white metal- palladium, silver, nickel and zinc. Its properties vary depending on metals and quantity used. White gold band has a quite affordable price, but total price will depend on the band’s weight and complexity of pattern. LALaser Jewelry company realizes a wide system of discounts to satisfy the strictest customers’ demands.

Shop gold band with diamond cut textured, faceted edges for $ 480.00. The best price on quality product!

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